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  1. gillumhouse

    Handy Help - unexpected

    A man who was a friend to both of us has been squiring me around showing me his old bicycle club routes and trails (NOT on a bike, thank you) to see the fall foliage in the mountains. Last week I got clarification - are we too old friends (and I mean OLD) bumming around or are we dating? Poor...
  2. gillumhouse

    Speaking of Pipeliners.......

    The day after the Derecheo in 2012, I had a call from a lady looking for a room - she could find nothing! I had one. She was coming to work a pipeline but did not know where the "yard" was re distance so when she left, I told her IF the distance was doable, call me and she was welcome to stay...
  3. gillumhouse

    BmBFinder Deal

    Today is the last day to get the 50% of the annual fee for BnBFinder. I am giving them one more year to produce (I feel it does take more than one year to turn things around). Mary White was too busy fighting for her life (which she unfortunately lost) to keep things up. I have been no...
  4. gillumhouse

    Under reconstruction

    The site is under reconstruction and it is hoped it will be back to normal soon.
  5. gillumhouse

    4th of July - and I have guests

    Major holidays I think people go to the tourist places, not her. THIS year, I have a 3-night from DC and have been making it a red, white , & blue with breakfasts. Had a red tablecloth yesterday, white today, and will be blue tomorrow. Today the fruit is apple chunks, watermelon chunks, &...
  6. gillumhouse

    Prayers for Dear Friend

    A very dear friend sent a message to the SOSK for prayers for her daughter who lives a distance from her. Please pray for both Mama and daughter - it is a serious problem and could easily be MAJOR. I am off to work the Polls today, but will update tonight if she messages an update during the...
  7. gillumhouse

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day from West Virginia (25 miles from the birthplace of Mother's Day) to all mothers (be they the 2-legged variety like mine or the 4-legged like my daughter the cop). She just had her 50th birthday. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I hope it is likewise in yours...
  8. gillumhouse

    Posted on a FB Innkeeper Forum

    A cut and paste from the Business Insider: An attorney explains why struggling businesses should apply for money from their insurance companies right now — and how to do it Jennifer OrtakalesMay 5, 2020, 10:02 AM Small businesses are filing insurance claims for business interruption during...
  9. gillumhouse

    Help Comes From Unexpected Places

    I contracted with a WV Digital Marketing company to work the digital side that I am out of comfort zone AND knowledge of. The first thing they did was a new web site. It was launched just before the STAY HOME dictate. No invoice arrived, I e-mailed asking for an invoice. He said, I know where...
  10. gillumhouse

    Sent an e-mail

    I usually just sent the thank you for staying when guests leave. Today, either I just got pro-active (or bored) and dug out the index cards from 2018. Sent an e-mail to a;most all of them (some were pipeline folks and one I had just sent a note to - they sent a Christmas card). So far 2 of them...
  11. gillumhouse

    Something of cheer from North Wales

    This was posted on the BedPosts Forum. It is some lightness in the dark. Watch the video. https://metro.co.uk/2020/03/31/mountain-goats-take-welsh-town-coronavirus-lockdown-12483098/
  12. gillumhouse

    #Still INN Business

    This is another push to try to help our industry by ALP. You KNOW I would be on it like a tick on a dog. It is FREE. This is the e-mail from this morning saying the website is live. The sign-up form is on the site. The ABOUT Page list everyone participating. Here is the e-mail: Hello innkeepers...
  13. gillumhouse

    Impoetant Webinar - PLEASE WATCH

    Bnbfinder sponsored / hosted this BUT it was Lisa Kolb about the hearings before Congress regarding how goo le has been manipulating searches for the travel industry. It is NOT a sales pitch - you know me well enough by now to know I would not pass that crap along. I have permission to pass the...
  14. gillumhouse


    ALP - the merged AIHP & PAII) just sent this in the newsletter. IF you use Expedia READ IT! It gives me another nail in my refusal to use these bottom feeders. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP … READ BEFORE YOU SIGN! Ugh … a contract with lots of clauses and small print is intimidating … BUT with your...
  15. gillumhouse

    Another SCAM to be aware of

    This came in this afternoon. I knew it was a Scam but verified with the big Goo. Especially for newbies to be aware of this kind of thing. Congratulations! Are you still involved with The Gillum House? The Gillum House was selected as Best of Business for 2019. Please confirm and complete your...
  16. gillumhouse

    Today was Tourism Day at the Capitol

    WV Tourism has a day during the Legislative Session that we set up tables to tell people visiting the Capitol and the Legislators about tourism in West Virginia. It is to show how much we have and what we do so the Legislature will give the Division a nice chunk of change in the Budget. Last...
  17. gillumhouse

    Good Service Pays Off

    I had a gentleman book a room in October who was riding the North Bend Rail-Trail but was going to ride TO my house but did not want to ride US Rts 50 and 19 (no shoulder or fast traffic - 50 is 4-lane). I got out my WV Gazetteer and routed him from the eastern trailhead to within about 1.5...
  18. gillumhouse

    Blessed with Friends

    I have a friend about 65 miles from me who grew up "just down the road". They have a farm and so does their youngest daughter & son-in-law - both retired Air Force. Last year they did not get a deer for me. THIS year I found a butcher! so they would not have to process the deer. Jess sent me...
  19. gillumhouse

    In the INBOX this afternoon

    See the e-mail and my answer below: I am not going to say yes, I am saying HELL YES!!! How absolutely lovely. Thank you. Call xxx-xxx-xxxxx my cell phone. Kathleen Importance: High Hi, Kathleen. My name is S******* C**t, and I am an editor for West Virginia Executive magazine in Charleston. For...
  20. gillumhouse

    Surprise! He came in November!

    The Health Department Inspector showed up today - a month earlier than usual. I guess he realized from last year HE would be out of compliance if he waited like he did last year. Last year, he admitted that if I had not been here, he would not have been ableto inspect me in the calendar year as...