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  1. Morticia

    Cleaning out the fridge

    This is not the first time we’ve had someone call (or just show up) to collect whatever they left in the fridge. They think it’s ok to leave food in the fridge after check out that they’ll just pick up later in the day on their way home. We do ask guests to label the bags and boxes so we know...
  2. Morticia

    Crazy guests

    This weekend we have a combo of super loud guests who do not have inside voices and in another room we have super loud kids. Thank goodness they are in the room at the far end of the house. I can feel the floor vibrating and all they’re doing is walking. Well, that and slamming the bathroom...
  3. Morticia

    Didn’t I see you with someone else yesterday?

    Room A, Friday and Saturday: Mark and Sarah Room B, Sunday: Joe and Sarah Yes, the same Sarah. She asked this morning if she could just put her stuff in the other room instead of hauling it out to the car. Even with the same name on the reservations I didn’t make the connection. (Well one...
  4. Morticia

    Mythical guests

    These are the ones you never see, but there’s an extra car so you assume someone is in the room. Had late arrivals on Friday. No breakfast on Saturday. No breakfast on Sunday. Car is now gone. I guess it’s easy money. Depends what the room looks like.
  5. Morticia

    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    I guess I didn’t realize this was happening. I thought I needed to set something up, but that’s not the case. Gomez got a new phone. He went out this morning and got a text message asking him how he liked his breakfast at the b&b he just drove away from! I don’t like that! I don’t ask guests...
  6. Morticia

    What does your check in look like now?

    Just wondering how your check in has changed, or not, over the past few months. We’ve eliminated credit card processing by doing it all in advance. Exceptions being declined cards, or repeat guests for whom we don’t have cards on file. We’re not requiring signatures except for state COVID...
  7. Morticia

    What is it about stairs and guests from certain places?

    I'm going to start requiring guests from certain 'flat' states to fully read our 'Arrival' email and allow them to cancel without fault if our stairs are too much for them. Our 'Arrival' email has a link to a hidden page on our site that has a photo of the stairs you MUST walk up in order to get...
  8. Morticia

    What else can we do for you?

    These calls drive me nuts. First it’s the discount request. Then it’s the misread of what we offer and telling me we are not allowed to do that any longer so how have we fixed this problem. Think buffet breakfast, which we’ve never done. Then it’s the not wanting to climb stairs so no rooms on...
  9. Morticia

    Now is the perfect time to tell me about that food allergy.

    Not. Not when I put the plate in front of you and you ask if it has whatever in it. Not after I’ve put together a snack with the same ingredient. Not when the whole weekend’s meals are already planned.
  10. Morticia

    Dog barking

    So, guests arrived last night around 10pm. In the space of 20 minutes they slammed the door to their room about 12 times. I mean slammed so hard I could feel it from two rooms away. You know how sometimes car alarms go off when something loud vibrates them? I’m thinking about finding a dog...
  11. Morticia

    Problem on RezKey

    Please be aware if you have cut-off times in RezKey that they are not working. Guests are able to book whenever, including after you’ve shut down the office and gone out to dinner!
  12. Morticia

    Guests being generous

    We’ve been lucky to have lovely guests so far this year. Everyone has understood we are not doing daily room cleaning. They’ve accepted the rooms are stripped of the lovely bedding and we’ve gone to ‘hotel bedding’ for purposes of running everything thru high heat sanitizing. It’s ok the dining...
  13. Morticia

    COVID capers

    Like many, we have had an off year. From being shut down from April thru May and essentially closed for June, it’s been quiet. I’m looking at it as a bridge to retirement. However, even tho we’re still essentially closed, I am keeping up on all the CDC requirements and doing my due diligence to...
  14. Morticia

    Thank you!

    A big ‘thank you’ to everyone who is reporting spam! Makes it so much easier to eliminate if you mark it when you see it. Plus, spammers get blocked faster when all their spammy bits get highlighted right away.
  15. Morticia

    We have a like button!

    Yay! Something we’ve wanted for a long time.
  16. Morticia

    Is square withholding your payout?

    Just read an article in the NYT (behind firewall) that says Square is withholding payouts of 20-30% on ‘hard hit businesses like tourism.’ They are holding the money for 120 days (a full cycle). If you use Square, and are actually talking in money right now, are you seeing this happen? It...
  17. Morticia

    Repeat guests

    Last year you may recall the story about the guests who stayed because their favorite place had closed. And we heard about how wonderful the other place was the whole time they were here. They're baaaack. Emailed some questions because they wanted to stay elsewhere (not here) but couldn't...
  18. Morticia

    Oh, this does annoy me!

    Obviously things are slow here. We're not open to 99% of the country until later this month. So, things are tight. (Well, ha ha, things will be tight for years, but that's another story!) I just checked my stats for TripConnect and some yahoo in NJ has hit the link 15 times in 15 minutes. That's...
  19. Morticia


    This really is no different than the other 20-30 virus-related cancelations, but $1500 is a lot to give up in one go. But, when you’re flying in from another country for a class and both the flights and the class are canceled, you don’t need your room.
  20. Morticia

    Trying to process this sadness

    One of our long time, rather young, guests died last week. They were due to arrive next month. I’m having a tough time handling this. We’ve lost a lot of guests over the years but most of them were well over 80 and didn’t still have kids at home. Just going to sit in a corner and howl for...