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  1. Como Depot

    Thinking of the future - website

    I use Inndesk currently, which has worked fine for the 4 rooms and has given me an easy to modify web site. But it does not take payment and moving up next year to 8 rooms the B&B side needs to take preference. I do not currently take deposits, and whilst I have been burnt a couple of times not...
  2. Como Depot

    Time to replace Towels etc etc

    I have been buying white sheets sets from Sams and they seem to be OK, but I really need to replace everything this winter and hopefully next year I will have another 4 rooms to fit out. Any recommendations for suppliers?
  3. Como Depot

    Air BnB Article

    Interesting article http://www.theguardian.com/travel/2013/sep/16/airbnb-travel-revolution?commentpage=1 Now providing Insurance, which does make sense. Just an on cost to the booking fee.