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    New Browser

    Someone just told me about this. Anyone tried the new browser called BRAVE? I just installed it but so far so good. Very fast and strips out alot of junk and security conscience too.
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    Did you know about this?

    A new client says they use this. I don't recall having discussed this..Have we? https://www.tripadvisor.com/TripAdvisorInsights/n2157/9-common-review-express-concerns
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    One guest room only

    We are having a rash of one bedroom B and b's opening in our town. Is anyone else experiencing this? It just seems too strange to me to go to all the zoning efforts etc. Guess I should be glad they are doing it legally. Seems like it is time to bring back the old "tourist home" designation.
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    Feedback please

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    Social Media Guide

    Here's a image you can download for any reference you need for images on social media. Click on it to view FULL SIZE and right click to save image.
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    SEO Info

    Check out this interesting article on SEO
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    Question about Res Key

    I have a client who has rental cabins and is interested in going to Reservation Key. She already uses Square. Is it possible to incorporate that so it can be charged automatically? Or will she have to use their CC authorization. ANd...what is that? I finally found the info on their website. Took...
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    May be of interest to some of you

    Just got this and thought there might be a few out there interested in this topic: http://goo.gl/lMAOvI
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    Problem with Res Key

    I have a client who uses Res Key. He gave me pricing updates which I put into the reskey system and they show up for me just fine. However when I try to made a reservation in calendar mode, the prices I set up under rates do not show up. Anyone have these issues? I don't know what else to try...
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    New state website

    Check out the new VA Association site: http://www.stayva.org/ A new take. Wonder how much they paid to have it done. It took me a bit to get used to it., See what you think. When you search, it brings up a short description and options to visit the inn's website. It is not clear that if you...
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    Recipes on your website

    For those of you who share recipes on your web site or blog, you may want to take a look at this plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/recipe-card/
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    Saying goodbye

    Innkeepers in VA have lost a good friend. She was more than a client for me. She was an inspiration. She fought the good fight for the past several years and finally this morning at 3:18 am she passed from this life. As you can see by her quote on the website...she was truly that person. Dreama...
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    SEO Article

    Hope you find this interesting.https://elegantmarketplace.com/website-marketing-has-never-just-been-about-seo/
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    Your About page

    Came across this interesting blog post:http://thedesignspace.co/5-steps-to-a-killer-about-page/
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    Go og le

    take a look at this: http://q4launch.com/keeping-up-with-google/ and this. And here is my web developer friends'take on it: Some quick observations: 1) If you follow the ">>" (on the far right side) for each top level remark in the google reporting, it tells you what is actually wrong with each...
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    Open Street Map.org

    just was listening to Science Friday and they were discussing this open source map site. very interesting. you can sign up and help input and edit sites. very cool if you have not seen it...trying to do more than G maps.
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    social media for 2015

    Maybe some of you might be interested in this article.
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    Lessons about blogging

    Some of you might find this article about blogging interesting. Sorry for the popups on the site :-(
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    Looking for images

    Don't know if any of these would be of use to anyone, but thought I would just share a couple of sites with you from some new FB friends. http://www.pexels.com/ http://foodiesfeed.com/ http://pexels.com http://gratisography.com/ http://allthefreestock.com/ http://startupstockphotos.com/
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    Bounce Rate what is it?

    Great explanation here for anyone interested,