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    Early Bird Grab and Go breakfast ideas

    BeachHouse, from what I've read here over the years, you have taken a lot more interest in the second "B" of B and B since back when you started. As I recall, you started with a very basic continental breakfast, but have expanded to include some hot meals, and, most important to me, hot eggs! I...
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    Indeed, I suppose it's possible someone could put a QR sticker somewhere and have the money go to themself! I'd never even know it.
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    Remember to check that first aid kit!

    All my bathrooms have a first aid kit in one of the vanity drawers. I hadn't thought about them in years. Opened one up the other day and it was almost empty! Don't know if there has been that much need for first aid, or if some kind soul stuffed their pockets with "free" supplies. But it's...
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    The Eclipse!

    You're sure right about total eclipses being different. When we had the last one near here, a few years ago, some of my friends drove to southern Illinois to see the total eclipse. I didn't go because our area was supposed to get a "94% of total" eclipse and I figured that would be good enough...
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    The fire sprinkler system in one of my buildings is monitored over StarLink. I was shocked to see that. Apparently, StarLink is for real and being used to do real world things by big-time companies. One of Elon Musk's occasional wins, like my wonderful wonderful Tesla!
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    Starting the long sales cycle - not leaving *anytime* soon

    Yes it would. I met several of our fellow Innspiring members a few years ago, well MANY years ago, when they spent a night in one of my 4-person apartments, and it was great fun. The Great Innspiring Road Trip. Good education. I learned to "look up" when cleaning rooms (they left a huge pair of...
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    The Eclipse!

    You're not making me feel any better for "giving away" all 6 of my suites at $350/night! Yes, just wow. But there's a fine line between gouging and smart "what the market will bear" business. Everybody who paid $2,650/night did so willingly. They could have driven there for the 4-minute show...
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    The Eclipse!

    Our town is on the path of the April 8, 2024 solar eclipse, with over 4 minutes of total darkness here. A year ago I doubled the rates for my rooms on eclipse day, and a couple of days either side of the big day. They are all rented, and the event is a year away! I could have gotten $1,000/night...
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    All that weather was about 2 hours south of here. We felt guilty here, with a sunny, blue sky while the center of the state was getting blown away! We didn't even get a drop of rain. One friend of mine in Little Rock posted a photo of his house, sitting there unharmed while the houses on either...
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    Starting the long sales cycle - not leaving *anytime* soon

    Yes, best of luck with the sale, but in the mean time glad you'll still be hanging around! As things are going now, I'll keep doing this as long as I'm physically and mentally able. I'm 68, so that could be 20 more years, or 2 more months! We'll see!
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    Put merchant CC fees on guest?

    I've used Stripe for about two years and love it. Integrates beautifully with Reservation Key to take payments, and to refund deposits when people cancel a reservation. I much prefer Stripe to Authorize dot net that I used to use. Lower fees, simpler online portal than Authorize, and fewer...
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    Scott Crumpton suggested that, too, and it's a great idea, if I can figure out how to set it up. I installed the Venmo app and set up an account. I also created a business account and linked it to my bank account to receive deposits. I got the QR code that's linked to tip my business. But when...
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    Tesla is looking into how to make their supercharger network available to non-Teslas, with a fee of course. They are lobbying to have their plugs the national standard, and there's a good chance that will happen.
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    If I had a convenient way to charge them, like put $5 in the machine and it gives them $5 worth of electricity, I'd do that. But I'm usually not even there, so no way to charge and monitor it all. It's either give it away and hope they decide to come stay sometime, or nobody gets it.
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    Yes, free to anybody. As one who, like our old friend Jane (Innkeep) has know the personal angst of needing a place to charge in a world that only offers gas pumps, I give free juice to any electric vehicle driver in need. It's my version of helping others. It's not really my nature and pretty...
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    How I Ended Up Looking for a Recipe...

    Hilarious, and AMEN Brother.
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    I offer free electric vehicle (EV) charging to anyone. As an EV owner myself, I realize the HUGE importance of getting a charge when needed. I have a dedicated Tesla high power charger, and a generic lower power charger for the rest. Today I noticed an Porsche EV at my low power charger...
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    How I Ended Up Looking for a Recipe...

    Best moment of your week. Enjoy not having to keep dealing with her, and enjoy the recipe! I had a much less but still irritating exchange with a business traveler a few months ago. He wrote a week before arrival to let me know his company requires an itemized zero-balance receipt for his stay...
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    Just Opened in Kona...well May 1

    Beautiful place!
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    10 Year Anniversary

    Excellent. That's my plan, to keep things low stress and easy FOR ME, while bringing in some welcome income to supplement my social security.