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  1. seashanty

    Just made a reservation for myself at an air BnB !

    I’ve never stayed at an air B&B I don’t think. I say that because the last b&b I stayed at was super basic and was a room in someone’s home. You might remember … there were hair curlers in the bathroom and clothes in the room and the soap and shampoo were all open little travel size bottles. 😉...
  2. seashanty


    LOL! Gotta love Arks! ❤️
  3. seashanty

    Guests Smoke Weed In Room

    Times change. No smoking in the building is still no smoking in the building, also no candles. It’s a fire hazard. No vaping either. It leaves an odor, no matter to me what some say. Use the smoking area outside. Please, please dispose of those butts in the appropriate containers. I hate...
  4. seashanty

    Crank calls

    Sorry to say I don’t think it’s cell phones to blame. Long long ago, in the days of landlines and no caller ID, kids I knew would gather at someone’s house with no grownups around and make crank calls. The angrier the person got, the more calls they got. I got bored with it after a half hour and...
  5. seashanty

    Additional Guest Fee

    I like the air mattress solution I’ve slept on one and found it comfortable, much better than the rollaways hopefully getting donated out. I nearly took off half a finger in the spring latch of a fold up bed Any recommendations for brand? Built in pump but not the pillow… high weight capacity...
  6. seashanty

    Additional Guest Fee

    I helped at an inn in coastal Mass, and the fee is $45 for an additional guest in a room that can handle the third. (standard occupancy is 2). This includes breakfast and all amenities including evening treats and unlimited make your own tea/coffee/cocoa. We put in an extra bathrobe, towels...
  7. seashanty

    Is anyone using texting to communicate with guests?

    A duck quack! Haha I can put it on quiet mode when I decide ‘it’s the middle of the night’ unless there’s some kind of emergency like someone who was supposed to arrive didn’t.
  8. seashanty

    Is anyone using texting to communicate with guests?

    I love texting. I don’t have to answer right away if I choose not to. I have a simple chime as an alert and find it far less intrusive than the phone ringing or even vibrating. And I have saved responses to use. Bonus: our conversation can be saved and shared back like when I tell someone NOT...
  9. seashanty

    Busy Day Today

    Lovely! There is something to be said for running a three bedroom b&b on your own! Lots of work for one person yet you do more. The service you provide is amazing, over the top, and I’m sure well appreciated. If I ever elope, I’m coming there! 💕
  10. seashanty

    How do you handle far-advance multi-day reservations?

    I handle rentals for a wedding venue. Ceremonies mostly. These are reserved a year in advance mostly. Non Refundable Deposit required to reserve the space. Exceptions sometimes given at our discretion. Balance is due one month before the event. This gives us time to hopefully rent the space to...
  11. seashanty

    Pleasing the Irish

    I’m on the other side of this, I guess. Please consider that if you research this subject online, many articles tell you not to drink the water from the bathroom tap. That it might be not be as well filtered to actually unhealthy. I won’t quote articles here, people can find them easily. I just...
  12. seashanty

    Irish Soda Bread recipe?

    Ohmy yes. Thank you Kathleen. I will email my new address ❤️
  13. seashanty

    Irish Soda Bread recipe?

    I’m so hoping one of you has a Tried and True recipe for Irish soda bread. It seems one of my recipe collections got lost in my last move. 😟 and in it a recipe for Irish soda bread written in an index card by a friend of my mother. It’s the little things that matter! Of course I can’t duplicate...
  14. seashanty

    Only important to me … are minimoos still a good thing?

    Haha! Omy Back when I had housemates I did that dance but never put vinegar in milk! What a hoot.
  15. seashanty

    Only important to me … are minimoos still a good thing?

    Yes, I’d just bring in a few at a time in my bag or stash some in my desk. Doubt anyone would go in my desk. If that happens, they’ll stay in my bag. just wanted to know if they’re still good. I don’t have a thermos and don’t really want to bring one. I just want to have some cream there. Seems...
  16. seashanty

    Only important to me … are minimoos still a good thing?

    Not an earth shattering discussion when I kept the inn, I offered minimoos as cream because they didn’t require refrigeration. I have a part time office job and they generously provide a Keurig, Coffee, tea and sweetener, just not milk or cream. I bring in my own sweetener to use what I...
  17. seashanty

    Looking for some help

    I travel alone and feel safer in a b&b or small inn. I don’t know if this is helpful.
  18. seashanty

    Message from Copperhead

    Thank you for helping her!