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    Retiring the airpots

    I use the foamer as well, but I've actually seen the quality of the foam and the foamer isn't as good. I lust after microbubbles... I must admit. You can add the cool control, on most Jura machines.
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    Patience is wearing thin but I didn’t say what I wanted to say, so, so far, so good

    Electronic locks do wonders... they know they can be timed... you aren't getting into that room.
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    Retiring the airpots

    Goodscout, did you buy the Cool Control? We don't even charge extra for it. Should I mention that I do a triple each morning?
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    Retiring the airpots

    We bought the Philips (Saeco) 2000 series, there are a few choices there. I think in the US this is called the Saeco XSmall. To simplify frothing, we got an automatic frother that is separate. Top button produces espresso (hit it twice and you get a double). The bottom produces Americano. It's a...
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    Retiring the airpots

    We are down to making individual cups with a super automatic espresso maker. If they want to eat elsewhere (like their room), we make a pot with a stainless steel French Press, which is insulated.
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    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    It gets things wrong, from time to time. We went to pick up Bubble Tea and it asked me to review the Japanese Cheesecake place, because we parked in front. But it missed the computer store we walked into. And added a gas station... even though I don't do gas anymore :) I do try to fill in...
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    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    I haven't ask for a TA review in years. They ruined their own business.
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    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    My schedule looks entirely the opposite. All white.
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    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    Anyone want to see the video of the couple at 3:15AM ringing the door and knocking looking for a room, because the bars close at 3AM? I have it somewhere...
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    Mythical guests

    We've had the arrive late and leave early guests. Usually don't have enough time to make a mess.... sometimes they just bring luggage in, use bathroom, come back for shower and leave... sleeping elsewhere.
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    Where can I buy good top sheets to do triple sheeting?

    Try getting some duvet ties. And clip the corners together. I tuck the bottom, do hospital corners but leave the long end open. Usually works, but it depends on how much people are squirming. If they squirm a lot, you can a knot at the bottom corner and tuck that in, it gives more "pull"
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    Celebrity Guests

    We had someone who dated a famous person (and was known for it). Oh and the mother/wife of someone famous in this country, who had their writing coach stay with us and they came to pay the bill. Oh and recently someone who had dated a ST:TNG captain :)
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    What is it about stairs and guests from certain places?

    I'm not supposed to carry anything over 10kg. So, no, I won't do your luggage. People are so sedimentary today in some places that stairs are a challenge. Our main picture of the house shows the stairs to the main floor that are outside.
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    Would You Respond to this Email I Received Today?

    Give them an estimate with normal prices. They move everything around and leave a mess. No discount.
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    What else can we do for you?

    I don't do it, since here it's set up with specific hotels. But when I was asked, I replied that it had to be paid on a government credit card or that I need official working papers. They changed it, around here, in regards to taxes. They pay the taxes. Since taxes here are like VAT, they can...
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    Now is the perfect time to tell me about that food allergy.

    In the big city, lots of choice, they just request if they can sit in the dining room and they can have cutlery and plates. No problem.
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    What else can we do for you?

    I don't flex like that. They would have lost me at the discount request. Sorry, we all know that you will regret every discount request... they are always a nightmare. That's why Air exists, to cater to these bad apples.
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    Now is the perfect time to tell me about that food allergy.

    We do service, but if they want it to go, we do pick-up breakfast. But breakfast is in a divided container, sealed on a tray with the other items. Closed. Too late to ask for changes. It's ready for pick up... not cooked to order.
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    Dog barking

    You need rubber weatherstripping. Try this stuff. https://www.amazon.com/Qishare-Professional-Self-Adhesive-Anti-Collision-Ageing-Resistant/dp/B07QRGX1HS it's foam rubber. You can't slam it, really.
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    Teslas keeping me in business

    We got 2 chargers from Tesla last year, but had to pay for expensive electrical changes. The house only has 200A and there is no way to easily add more. We had to put in a special box that measures the pull of the house and adjusts. We got 2 chargers. But Tesla still hasn't put us on the map...