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    buying an Inn,0
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    buying an Inn

    Our Inn/B&B is 5 rooms, nice OQ, water view and located in a well know national park destination area in New England. 6 months on/6 months off or can operate year round if one chooses. c l a r k p o i n t i n n
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    What would you put in these jars?

    oh i am aware of what they are. these are not what we have. i was just simply throwing out a suggestion like everyone else.
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    What would you put in these jars?

    they don't necessarily have to be a container for food items. we have little glass dishes in each bath that hold q tips, cotton balls, etc.
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    How to you handle trick or treaters on Halloween?

    one of the longer, more historic, streets in town is blocked off just for trick or treating. each house on that street usually gets between 300 - 400 each year. more if it is especially nice weather. i thought 300 - 400 was alot but then i saw the 983!
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    Another Small World Story

    Guest arrive .... all booked over internet - live in Jersey City. Turns out they're British ... so am I Turns out she works in my old building in NYC Turns out they found out about this place talking to a really super couple they met in a bar in JC ..... who they are now very close to. Turns...
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    Tips for cleaning glass coffee carafes and coffee makers.

    yeah, same here, just put the salt & water in and shake it up. make sure to rinse out well after.
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    VENT - 3 O'Clock check in. Is this hard to understand?

    i also do not let people in a moment before check in time (4pm - 6pm) i have had people stop by expecting to use us a a potty stop. absolutely not. i do not let them go to "their" room and i do not let them use our own private first floor bathroom. i tell them there are restaurants & coffee...
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    What bugs you? Innkeeping pet peeves

    we had a couple stay 2 summers ago. she apparently ran into the wall in their guestroom and told us that she did. we said oh, that's unfortunate. she said we should have a sign warning people that there are walls in the guestrooms. i thought, here's your sign lady, cause that may be the...
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    Cell Phones at the Breakfast Table

    if he didn't want to answer it he could have just hit the ignore button
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    For those who offer iced tea/lemonade

    the water cooler here DEFINATELY gets used. we have it because we don't think ou town water tastes all that great. it's not really all that expensive either and its another amenity for the guests.
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    Counting down until vacation

    allrighty, i will GG! I was actually going to connect with you on Facebook the other day too but then i got sidetracked. so i'll be lookin ya up
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    Counting down until vacation

    where are you vacationing?
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    Counting down until vacation

    well, we are already on the vacation side of the fence. we closed on the 19th. it has been wonderful sleeping in the past couple of days, hanging around in my bathrobe & slippers. this time of year i take on another job, which is my true passion.i am a folk art designer/crafter. so this time of...
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    For those who offer iced tea/lemonade

    they are relatively inexpensive.i actually don't remember where i got these ones i have. i've had them for a couple years. mine are shaped like pink flamingoes (pink flamingos are a huge deal where i live) heres some -
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    For those who offer iced tea/lemonade

    we always have a pitchers of iced tea/lemonade out in the summer. they most definately get drank & then some! we keep them in the guest fridge in the dining room so they are always cold. when the guest fridge is full with guests things, we have the reusable ice cubes to utilize. that way they...
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    Luggage racks

    how about reverse psychology ...a sign on the luggage racks that says "please do not put your luggage here"
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    Funny guest comments/questions about your area or B&B

    on two seperate occasions, during the process of making the reservation, the person asked "now, if i get in a car accident on the way to your inn and die, will i get my deposit refunded?" the first time i was so surprised that someone asked such a thing and the second time i was so surprised...
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    Guests who require "noise" to sleep

    i am a fan sleeper as well. if io stay somewhere and don't have my "noise" it takes me forever to doze off.
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    Between the Blankets

    we had a couple stay this summer for a couple days, very pleasant tidy, etc. they told us the first morning that they did not want housekeeping. i relayed this to our housekeeper but i did peek in their room myself just to make sure there was no damage of any sorts. what i found was a blown up...