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  1. InnBloom

    "Falling in love with a place like you would with a person."

    This is beautiful. I lived in WV for 10 years....didn't grow up there, but I appreciate the truth in this essay. Very nice non-B&B diversion for my coffee break this morning!
  2. InnBloom

    Pet Peeves

    2- went to trip a fuse box in room 2 which is located above the ensuite in a sort of false sealing operated by a trapdoor and only accessible by at the very least climbing on a chair. found some reject had put takeaway boxes in there and they were going mouldy! absolutely disgusting!!! OMG...
  3. InnBloom

    Keypad entry codes

    We just recently went with the keypad on the entry door and we love it. (We also use one on our office and the entrance to our owner's quarters. It means I never have to look for a key, and I love it.) We're considering using them on room doors, too, but are just a little concerned about...
  4. InnBloom

    Just Opened Inn(Oh yes I did) Sheridan Wyoming!

    Sorry to be late to welcome you and to congratulate you. Your title reminded me of the excitement of the first days of our adventure, and I'm very excited for you! Websites are changeable, living documents. I think you've got a GREAT start. Listen to all the sage advice, use what makes sense...
  5. InnBloom

    You have $1000 to spend...

    Maybe you already have great photography. If not, I'd consider spending it on that.
  6. InnBloom

    12 Things You Need To Do Before 2012

    That's so interesting. I hadn't heard about that study, but I think it's true, at least for me.
  7. InnBloom

    Interesting Opportunity for Aspiring Innkeepers

    Yep, I'm with you, Madeleine.
  8. InnBloom

    emailing offline?

    You're the best! Thanks.
  9. InnBloom

    Hawaii B&B discrimination lawsuit

    I hear ya, Copperhead. In the past, I've wondered, when it's two male names, or two female names, if they think it's like a hotel room that will have 2 Queen beds. Never knew quite what to say to make SURE they knew there was only one bed so that didn't arise on check-in. But now my website...
  10. InnBloom

    "I count my blessings"

    I took a reservation this evening from a woman who had called a couple of times talking about booking a weekend January 20-21 with a girlfriend, but she wasn't sure which room. Wasn't sure the girlfriend would actually be coming. Didn't want to wait too long to get a good room. Etc. Etc...
  11. InnBloom

    Unsubscribing from email newsletters

    Careful now! I too still cannot program a VCR.....
  12. InnBloom

    Thank you for this forum

    Good one, Joey. Exactly!
  13. InnBloom

    emailing offline?

    I was thinking there is a way to email an innmate offline, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. Maybe the coffee hasn't kicked in yet---but anyone have advice for me?
  14. InnBloom

    Thank you for this forum

    I love this forum. I don't write a lot. I'm gone for a week or two at a time sometimes, and then back everyday for awhile. I've learned from everyone on here. It's a hugely valuable resource in a line of work where we don't have "co-workers" nearby to share with. My thanks to you all.
  15. InnBloom

    Thank you for this forum

    Glad to hear all's well! Enjoy the warm.
  16. InnBloom

    Glad it is the off season

    Ohhhh. So sorry. And so glad no guests.
  17. InnBloom

    Walk-ins, credit cards and check-outs

    Those teeth have made my day----and it's only 7:41a.m. Thanks! Smores look great too.
  18. InnBloom

    Guests that make you cry .....

    That's really sweet, Gillum. And I think VERY true for many on this forum. Thanks for putting it in words.
  19. InnBloom

    Top 10 Reasons a B&B Beats Mom’s Lumpy Sofabed Any Day

    I especially like #8. (I was just at Mom's helping her with Christmas cards. I was about 10 minutes away from stipping nekkid when it was time for her to go to the dining room for lunch.)
  20. InnBloom

    Are you a member of your state B&B association?

    Are you a member of your state B&B association?