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    Terrorism Insurance?

    We don't have it but its been included as an optional rider line item for several renewals in a row now. Gotta tap into people's fears at every level I suppose.
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    When the cost conscious come a knockin

    Wow! We are so lucky to not get much walk in traffic or looky loos. That must be both frustrating and time consuming. Sorry to you both. I don't mind doing a little haggling or discounting if we need the business, but we have our limit on just how low we'll go before feeling insulted. Kinda went...
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    One thing you learned from YOUR STAY at another inn that you have implemented?

    After a recent loss, one of the nicest members here did the same and even my edgy, crusty, overly sensitive, curmudgeonly self was brought to tears. I'd do the same for another going through a tough time, but have no idea how to reach her.
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    Inn-sitters - to hire or not to hire!!??

    Maybe you didn't but that doesn't negate anyone else's right to perceive or interpret her comments as we saw fit. I paid her a compliment and in no way was denigrating her own professionalism or skills. I was critiquing the way she phrased her comments and in my opinion not so subtly suggesting...
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    Inn-sitters - to hire or not to hire!!??

    suellen222, Ummm.... first, I'm thrilled that you and your sister have found a venture you find rewarding and valuable. The tone and the asumptions you've made in your initial post to support your sales pitch are about as condescending and presumptive towards the intelligence of any veteran inn...
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    Guest car accident in parking lot

    Spoken like a loyal coal country, company town citizen. Sorry, but if forced to choose, I'll gladly take the far less impactful but a little unsightful mess of all the world's average joes combined, compared to even what just the West Viriginia coal industry has done to this planet. I've been...
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    Health insurance, can you afford it or will it break you?

    As the 75% of the several million Americans who will file bankruptcy this year because of medical bills can attest to. A cancer diagnosis may not be a death sentence for everyone, but for most even with insurance they can count on a painful ordeal at every turn and either extraordinarily higher...
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    Guest car accident in parking lot

    You seem to be neglecting to note that there are two sets of lawyers in any legal proceeding. The ones protecting the interests of the ultra rich and powerful at the expense of the common interests we all share aren't exactly doing it for free. Or without enormously high staked motivation to...
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    Egg Substitute

    We'll take whatever catch phrase we can latch onto and appeal to more guests with. Judging by the five night booking we just got today from a really nice sounding woman who expressed incredible gratitude for our ability to offer her as nice of a dining experience as her "regular" diet husband...
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    Guest car accident in parking lot

    Make my day! What got very very little ink or press coverge about that case was the final award was about 10% of the original judgment. A positive that did come out of it was that a giant corporation who made a policy decision to serve super heated coffee many degrees above the "normal" for...
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    Roasting Coffee

    We serve only one blend that is 50% French & 50% Italian Roast. Same blend for decaf. Full bodied, yet smooth with no bitterness and a slight hint of chocolate. We buy whole beans from a certified 100% organic, shade grown source who has about 15 blends to choose from but we like the one we...
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    Egg Substitute

    I think you perceived my comment to be directed at you or for that matter a particular member. Rarely do I ever speak in anything but general terms here and actually tried to qualify the statement with the part about a good business person not wanting to limit the demographic range of people...
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    Egg Substitute

    Making a judgement on others wasn't my intention, just pointing out a growing not shrinking trend to be considered. My opinion is colored by the fact that I have the luxury of having an extraordinarily talented professional cook/chef as a partner who makes it all look like its no problem in the...
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    This is a new one - for us anyway

    We certainly get our share of neighbors wishing we could serve breakfast to the general public, but that is a new one. I'm sure they saw all the wonderful kudos you receive in reviews and assumed it was worth a shot. Aside from the old Grant Corner Inn, I can't honestly think of another B&B that...
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    Egg Substitute

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    Egg Substitute

    Ding ding! We have a winner! I may be biased because of just how easy my wife makes it all look to prepare regardless of the special dietary needs of some guests, but the positive tradeoff in making this type of guest who usually feels inhibited about traveling due to the lack of options very...
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    When someone books 'the whole place'...

    Anyway, what do you do when someone wants to book your entire bed and breakfast? We consider the booking and start asking questions. Is it a family? What appealed to folks about your place? Have any of the group stayed in a B&B before? Is it all couples, or are there some children included? What...
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    The TA ranking game with so called "colleagues"

    Samster, You raise a point that just drives me beserk about the obviously innkeeper driven, coached, cheated, whatever type reviews. All the flowery language, the almost vomit inducing superlatives and adjectives... blah...blah...blah... Like all of their guests who just happen to go write...
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    The TA ranking game with so called "colleagues"

    Quite frankly, we get way more reveiws by going out of our way to NOT appear too eager to get them. With B& and now TA PRODDING US ALL to go capture more reviews, it seems like there could be some review fatigue starting to occur when regular travelers keep finding themselves at the end of...
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    The TA ranking game with so called "colleagues"

    We've taken the high road on reviews from day one and are living proof that good rankings and reveiws are possible with no input or prodding from an innkeeper at all. Probably "all of the above" or at least we have evidence of such from a few sources to that effect. I'm sure many long time...