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  1. InnDebt

    Curiosity Questions

    Or even better - Guest - "So, do you have a real job too or just this?" Me (eye twitching) - "Umm, this IS a real job!"
  2. InnDebt

    Saying goodbye

    I've lurked on here for several years and always enjoyed your wit and wisdom. Enjoy the well deserved rest!
  3. InnDebt

    I Now Need Votes

    I was #1310 this morning and I think when I first saw this post and voted I was in the low 200's. Great job - Good luck!
  4. InnDebt

    Tenth Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary!!
  5. InnDebt

    Video Doorbells

    We have one and really like it. It has a motion sensor, camera and ability to have a conversation with the person at the door. It's called Ring wireless doorbell. We got ours at Cost co, but you can get it at Ama zon or Home De pot. Just don't place it near a large flag, it will go off...
  6. InnDebt

    Speaking of construciton - bathrooms - any tips before we dive in?

    As long as it is level, my understanding is that it can be put over almost everything!
  7. InnDebt

    Speaking of construciton - bathrooms - any tips before we dive in?

    We have hardwoods in the bedrooms and as we redo the bathrooms, we are putting matching vinyl plank flooring in. Super easy to install and cleans just like regular vinyl, but looks like hardwood. It goes right over your existing floor, snaps together and if you have an issue you can just...
  8. InnDebt

    B&B recommendation for Alabama?

    Where in Alabama? I know of one in Auburn...
  9. InnDebt

    Serving time

    We are a 5 room Inn, typically have 10-12 for breakfast and we have one seaeting time at 8:30, (coffee/tea goes out at 7:00). We get one or two that grumble about the time, but we have far more guests requesting an earlier or 'to go' breakfast. This is where knowing your market/guest is...
  10. InnDebt

    Innmates are a Blessing

    I'm so sorry for your loss! Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers for peace and strength during the next few weeks.
  11. InnDebt

    April Fools!

  12. InnDebt

    Appointment setting

    Welcome! Ditto for what ARKS said. Also, brush up on your accounting or find an accountant with B&B experience!
  13. InnDebt

    I was very happy to learn about this forum

    Welcome! You will find a lot of great information here!
  14. InnDebt

    Innkeeper going home

    I'm so sorry for your loss, but so very happy that you were able to be with him as he started his final journey.
  15. InnDebt

    Hiring Staff--how do other's "shift" their workday?

    We have 5 rooms and are extremely lucky to have 2 housekeepers. One is Sun-Wed, the other does Thru-Sat. Last year we had someone who came everyday, but that got to be too much for one person, so when she moved we went to two. They are flexible and able to cover each other if one needs off...
  16. InnDebt

    A warm welcome to the new forum members

    Welcome Everyone! Hubby and I have a 5 room B&B and at just a year and a half, still feel like newbies! As a B&B 'youngster', I often don't have much to contribute, but love to check-in each morning and see how everyone is doing. Chat, vent, laugh, cry; the forum header says it all!
  17. InnDebt

    To respond or not to respond, that's the big question

    I agree with what the others posted. Reply, just do it in a way that shows what a butthole they are. If someone sends me the link, I'll report it also. So sorry this happened to you!
  18. InnDebt

    This is the day

    Happy Anniversary!
  19. InnDebt

    New member. It

    Welcome! It's nice to see another Marylander here!
  20. InnDebt

    TA Renewal

    We do not have a BizList or PPC on TA. We might lose some business, but not enough to justify that payout! A large % of our guests find us via TA and then just goo gle our Inn name and book via the website. That being said, we are lucky enough to be in an area without a huge amount of...