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  1. Highlands John

    Funny story....right?

    i put out a different menu every day, traditional full cooked, vegetarian full cooked, plus two other dishes which change every day. its Not uncommon for people to stay 4 or 5 nights and have the same thing every day, usually full cooked or variation thereof. cant help thinking why do I bother...
  2. Highlands John

    Now is the perfect time to tell me about that food allergy.

    There’s not much point asking for non dairy milk as you sit down to breakfast either, cos I don’t keep it in stock. and even though you’re staying 3 nights I’m not doing a 12 mile round trip to the supermarket to get a carton if you can’t be bothered to tell me when you book.
  3. Highlands John

    Dog barking

    We have a guest bedroom above our and we’re sick and tired of people stomping across the room to go to the loo in the middle of the night, dropping items off the bed and generally being insensitive. i put a sign on the wall but no one took any notice. so now I tell people when I check them in...
  4. Highlands John

    Guest Translator

    Some people say "you're ever so difficult to find, we've been up and down this road about 5 times" firstly I sent you directions and secondly we've got a 6' sign with our name on it on the side of the road, so don't make out like it's our fault.
  5. Highlands John

    Guest Translator

    A couple of times we've had people from London book a two night stay because they wanted to see LN. they fall in the door about 10pm saying "OMG weve been driving for 11 hours, we had no idea how far it was" stay two nights and then have an 11 hour drive back.
  6. Highlands John

    Guest Translator

    If you put our post code into a GPS it will take you to the pub at the other end of the village. I know that because I live here, so it's highlighted in the directions I send. All the time the phone calls "We're outside the pub and we can't find you" or check-in "We got lost so we asked in the...
  7. Highlands John

    Guest Translator

    Bit of end of season sillyness, what guests say and what they mean for all you newbies. Phone enquiry "My credit card is in my bag/car/neighbours house/teapot, I'll call you back" ............. "You're too expensive and I'm going to try and find somewhere else first" "I'm a travel agent and...
  8. Highlands John

    Last minute Larry

    I don't ring round like this for people any more. I'll happily give visitors details for other local B&Bs but more often than not, and even in high season, I find them a room somewhere else and then they'll either phone up half-an-hour later (on the way to a B&B 5 mins away) and say they've...
  9. Highlands John

    Mystery Vegetarians

    I'd have had a Basil Fawlty moment if she hadn't blocked reply on bdc. "We've acquired many skills after 16 years of running our B&B, sadly telepathy isn't one of them"
  10. Highlands John

    Our Seasons Of Discontent... or Why I Wanted To Quit Today

    Yep, they do. We've had several occasions where people book weeks in advance and then a day or two before arrival they'll email or phone and ask for a cot for their x month old baby.
  11. Highlands John

    Mystery Vegetarians

    Had a couple in for 1 night. No mention of any dietary requirements either on the booking or at check-in. At breakfast she ordered our special eggs, which clearly says "cheesy scrambled eggs with ham" on the menu, when she was served she said "I can't eat that, I'm vegetarian". She then asked...
  12. Highlands John

    'We have six months to make up our minds...'

    In this situation I take a non-refundable deposit per room and tell them any rooms for which they haven't paid a deposit for will be freed up for others to book in 3 days.
  13. Highlands John

    When Is A Walking Holiday Not A Walking Holiday

    We take bookings from several Walking Holiday companies, and they way it works is they organise the route and all accommodation for guests plus do bag transfers. So when guests leave here walking they leave their suitcases and someone will come and pick them up during they day and take them to...
  14. Highlands John

    Pet Peeve - Double Ringers

    I get this one a lot.... "What's the room rate?" "Is breakfast included?" "How far are you from the airport?"....................blah blah blah What does it matter..............I don't have any rooms. Go away!
  15. Highlands John

    It's THAT time!

    Yes, don't know how long it's going to take to sell so we'll carry on.
  16. Highlands John

    Menus for a long term stay.

    The Brits have a reputation abroad for wanting "British" food, that's why when you go to holiday destinations like Benidorm, Mallorca, Albufeira etc there are British/Irish pubs and fish and chip shops. Personally I travel to try different things, still remember the hollowed out bread with the...
  17. Highlands John

    Menus for a long term stay.

    That's deflating, when you go to all the effort of putting out a different menu every morning and they just order the same thing every day. We have some guests who come back every year and I can tell you now what they're going to have for breakfast in 2020
  18. Highlands John

    Don't Do It, It's Annoying

    My confirmations has a note in the directions that says "If you're using a satnav...............etc" because our postcode is centered way down the road. Of course I still get the calls "we're by the pub and we can't find you" because nobody reads anything you send them.
  19. Highlands John

    Don't Do It, It's Annoying

    Forgive if I've told this story before, but one afternoon I had a call from people checking in that day to say they were just leaving Edinburgh and would be here in 1.5 hours. Now, Edinburgh is around 160 miles from here so even at 100mph and assuming you don't stop for any junctions or other...
  20. Highlands John

    Don't Do It, It's Annoying

    Maybe it's just end of summer grouchiness, but this has happened a few times lately and it really ticks me off!!!! People who message or email during the afternoon to let you know what time they'll be checking in and then arrive 2 hours later. I didn't ask for them to let me know the time, so...