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  1. RFSitters

    Veterans Day for one region

    The owner of the laundry service we use just called to offer to do any sheets I send in on Thursday for free after seeing the clip on the news this morning. He's a vet.
  2. RFSitters

    When the cost conscious come a knockin

    Same here! Guy rang our doorbell a few days ago, holding a rack card in his hand, about 7:00 p.m. When I answered the door he says 'I may be looking for a room for tonight.' Well, that's my first clue - shouldn't you already know whether you are or you're not? 'What are your rates?' as he's...
  3. RFSitters

    10 Year Anniversary

    LOL - that's what we said. No PITAs get in the drawing. We've had a few during this stretch, that's for sure.
  4. RFSitters

    10 Year Anniversary

    We just had our 25th anniversary. For the last 25 days of the month, we gave each guest a logo'd ornament (1 per room) at the end of their stay. We also discounted our weekend rates by $25/night, as August is usually a slower month for us. At the end of the month we will do a drawing from our...
  5. RFSitters

    Enough about late arrivals, what about the early bird trying to get every minute and then some out of a stay?

    Not trying to bait you, but I would be surprised if you (or anyone other than swirt, and maybe even him since he only gets an email for registration) knows for sure what the gender of each poster is. I know I don't.
  6. RFSitters

    response to bad review on TA?

    BTW, I never knew the name of the place they were going to next; didn't even know if it was another B&B. I told DH I would have called ahead with a warning if I had known.
  7. RFSitters

    response to bad review on TA?

    She booked us via phone, but DH took the call. But we had the same experience. No mention of dietary restrictions on the phone - but when she checked in, now she's lactose intolerant. Told her about breakfast times - find out from the other couple later that they have to be in your area for a...
  8. RFSitters

    response to bad review on TA?

    Being the other keeper of the inn from that troublesome guest - we will keep each other's secret identities secret, hmm, Innsider - I can vouch for your innkeeper and your guest's views of the TA report. That particular guest was demanding and difficult at check-in and aggressively...
  9. RFSitters

    travel briefs - INN the news 05.03.09

    Sorry, my fault. I did not mean to imply that Mary's book was criminal, or even 'fluff'. I have not personally read it, but I have only heard good things from those who have. The blog article was over the top, IMO - truly a sales job.
  10. RFSitters

    travel briefs - INN the news 05.03.09

    Here's one I saw a week ago, from a realtor who used to own a B&B and now sells B&Bs. It's almost criminal!
  11. RFSitters

    Pet peeve- innkeeper-wise

    I ALMOST said, are you sure - let me go take a look; I even took a step towards the stairs - then I thought well, that's stupid, they must not be in there, I surely don't remember seeing any in the basement but who knows, maybe the housekeeper put them in another room when we were moving things...
  12. RFSitters

    Pet peeve- innkeeper-wise

    I'm finding this post very ironic at the moment. We have a full house tonight, and they all seem to be a little needy - last minute dinner reservations, changes to last-minute dinner reservations, church information twice, and a few who corner me for a little while every time I make an...
  13. RFSitters

    December specials?

    We redeem a lot of GCs in December . People who have let them go until the last minute. Our weekends through the first half of December still get pretty full with Christmas events going on. I am walking a massage therapist around tomorrow morning to the rooms, though - I will try that for the...
  14. RFSitters

    Inn the News - Wash Post Travel Section

    One of the forum member inns, the Claiborne House B&B, got a nice mention in the Washington Post travel section this weekend. An elegant mansion - yes, it is! However, I stayed in the charming Wash Cottage behind the inn on my visit and had a great time! Congratulations, Claiborne House!
  15. RFSitters

    Cash for payment

    Our cc program works like a hotel's - when we swipe it at check-in it authorizes/holds the charged amount. If we need to adjust the amount at check-out for an extra day or gift shop purchases, we can do so without re-swiping the card. We were told by our credit card processor that this is a...
  16. RFSitters

    Whose idea was this, anyway?

    Exactly right - the list is 'willing and able to do' vs. 'not willing and able'. Sometimes the ability is physical, sometimes it's mental, and sometimes it's strictly an ROI thing. Since DH has recently started to get paid for some of his software work, the tradeoff is should he spend so many...
  17. RFSitters

    Directory listing

    Hear, hear. If the purpose of the press release is to promote the B&Bs in the release (as it seems it should be), then wider distribution achieves the purpose. Isn't that the goal of everything done by
  18. RFSitters

    Hi Swirt,

    Clearly, I'm not you. I had absolutely no problem not responding to that picture. It doesn't surprise me in the least that no one responded to that picture. Not my dog, not my kid - not even one of my guests. You should get used to the idea that not everyone is interested in engaging with you...
  19. RFSitters

    Hi Swirt,

    All the people who DIDN'T respond to your pictures WEREN'T interested in responding. How hard is that to understand? There are posts on here all the time that get no response - that means no one has anything to say.