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  1. Sanctuary

    mysterious fly infestation

    I had cluster flies in a house once for the entire winter season (Ohio). They were all over the windows, hundreds and hundreds of them. It felt like Amityville Horror. After a lot of old fashioned research (just before the time of Internet), I figured out where they came from and made it a...
  2. Sanctuary

    Has anyone heard from Sanctuary Charter Yacht?

    Deleted second reply - it posted twice.
  3. Sanctuary

    Has anyone heard from Sanctuary Charter Yacht?

    Hey, hey, hey!!!! We're still here. :) Just been busy, busy. The boat is not for sale. I usually lurk through here without signing in...until I saw this thread. Not sure what's up with our website, but I got the captain on it. I've been making new canvas to replace the worn out canvas -...
  4. Sanctuary

    Best mosquito solutions?

    Serving breakfast this far from land usually works for me. :)
  5. Sanctuary

    A tip: dealing with flies

    "Big, dumb flies"....I hope you don't have a case of cluster flies. I had those once in my house in Ohio. I battled them for about 2 years, including professional exterminators. It reminded me of the Amityville Horror house where they gathered all over the windows and then at night, kept...
  6. Sanctuary

    For you folks located near water...

    Indeed! :D That set is adorable.
  7. Sanctuary

    Rating TP

    Unfortunately, I'm in the category of single ply Scott's tissue. Marine stores call their equivalent "boat toilet paper" and sell it for $6 for 4 small rolls. It's the same as the Scott's single ply - I did a comparison by putting some in a glass of water and stirring to see how quickly it...
  8. Sanctuary

    Looking for - old navigation charts of the Maine coast

    Have you tried your local West Marine store? I don't buy paper charts anymore since everything is electronic now (except for the Explorer book with charts for the Bahamas), so I don't know whether the paper charts you get at the marine store are what you're looking for. Just a thought...
  9. Sanctuary

    Speaking of renovations

    Must be something in the air...I just got a totally new galley (kitchen) too - finished it about 6 weeks ago, with the exception of a few trimmings here and there. Your kitchen looks great - it's nice to have all kitchen stuff, isn't it? My biggest accomplishment was wrestling a 28 cubic foot...
  10. Sanctuary

    Bed Frames Revisited

    I operate my business on a yacht and in all the years she's floated (34 years now), there have never been bed frames or box springs. The mattresses lay on a built in teak frame (like cabinetry) with 3/4" marine plywood for the "decking". I have found no difference in the longevity or comfort...
  11. Sanctuary

    Savory Breakfast Waffle Ideas

    That's all the convincing I need for resurrecting my waffle iron. "Eggs on Top" is a favorite around here - the combination of ingredients is endless. It's especially yummy with fresh avocado and crispy bacon.
  12. Sanctuary

    It's So Cold Outside... Witches Are Running Around Bare Chested!

    Eeeekkk!! I remember those January days from way back when, frozen pipes and all. We're going to get some of this weather - down into the 40s on Monday night, but today, it's sunny with highs in the low 80s, so we're going to take the boat out to the sandbar for a couple of hours. This is...
  13. Sanctuary

    "Baby its COLD outside"

    Ahhh, my favorite time of year is arriving. A cold front is blowing through. It's 75° so far today. It's going to go all the way down to 70 tonight. Maybe I'll turn off the air conditioning and open the windows tonight.
  14. Sanctuary

    Govnt shut down?

    I don't know how it's being enforced yet, but they are attempting to essentially "close the ocean" here. I've got a boat coming back later today and I want to find out if they were able to get through the waters of Biscayne National Park enroute to Key Largo, or whether they had to travel on...
  15. Sanctuary

    Time to replace Towels etc etc

    I buy the white towels in bulk at Costco. They are very, very inexpensive, yet large, fluffy and soft. If guests ruin them, they end up as rag towels for the engine room. Once, when red wine was spilled on the flybridge, I thought nothing of throwing one of those towels down to soak up the...
  16. Sanctuary

    Winter Plans

    Yes, it does scratch, but it can be polished. I like the granite, quartz, and soapstone materials best, but weight is a factor for me, and those materials are just too heavy. Formica has come a long, long way over the years, but it's glued to a particle board like material, and I can't have...
  17. Sanctuary

    Winter Plans

    I'm getting a new kitchen ("galley") this Fall, but I dread having to tear out the old cabinets. Every inch of wood was screwed and glued (with epoxy, I think). Custom sapele wood cabinets, Fagor induction cooktop, Fagor side-opening convection oven, Bosch dishwasher, trash compactor, Corian...
  18. Sanctuary

    Panini press?

    My GF grill works perfectly for a panini grill. That all I use it for.
  19. Sanctuary

    actor / producer staying here!

    Cuba is easily do-able for everyone except US citizens who don't have Cuban ancestry. And for non-Cuban US citizens, it's do-able if you know how to go in/out the backdoor. :)
  20. Sanctuary

    Best Sheets?

    I buy Egyptian cotton (the best choice, in my opinion) or Supima (Pima) cotton. No sateen. The last sets I bought were from Macy's. I don't worry about the wrinkle factor. I put the sheets on the bed right out of the dryer when they are still just ever so slightly damp and use my hand to...