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  1. cedarhouse


    we have 5 rooms and pump every three years. also must have an access port on your tank so you can visually inspect from time to time to see how thick the "mat" is. Sounds kind of gross but I take a long stick and poke it to see how thick- it floats on top. Also need to check for tree root...
  2. cedarhouse

    Beer cans in a trash in the closet

    As an ecofriendly inn we have recycling bins in the guestrooms so they recycle beers cans, wine bottles, plastic water bottles etc. Most guests use the bin. Very few throw them in the trash can.
  3. cedarhouse

    Breakfast serving style

    we plate breakfast and guests serve themselves initial tea and coffee. we ask who wants orange juice and pour in glasses. After guests are seated we serve tea and coffee. Learned that placing a pitcher of orange juice on tables guests drink the whole pitcher. Now serve single glasses and guests...
  4. cedarhouse

    Facebook and your B&B

    Thanks for your comments and advice. You know more about this stuff than I do based on the terminology used. I do track using a paid service for the web site through
  5. cedarhouse

    Facebook and your B&B

    We are finding that our target market demographic all seem to have Facebook accounts, especially the women. I like it because unlike tripadvisor it is easy for a guest with a FB account to write a comment on the FB page wall of their stay at the inn. For guests that do not add themselves as a...
  6. cedarhouse

    Afternoon refreshments

    My wife use to make delicious cheesecake for guests to enjoy in the evening and no one seem to partake so we ate them. Did not need to however. She now makes cookies every afternoon from dough she keeps in the fridge. She has them ready for check ins along with mint water, ice tea or hot tea the...
  7. cedarhouse

    'rust' spots on towels

    Some washers have a little screen in the back where the water comes into the machine. The little screen sometimes gets a little dirty and creates a rust stain. I have not verified this on our machine but was told by someone else we I complained about rust spots on towels. Ours relates to the...
  8. cedarhouse Review Program

    We love your guest review program and feel it defintely brings us more guests due to the many positive reviews. We have the review cards and hand them out at check out and also have the badges on our web site. Bottom line for us that the program works. I am surprised that we tend to be the only...
  9. cedarhouse

    Tell innkeeper about bad website??

    I agree with someone elses comment that if you do not have your own web site you are not serious about marketing your inn to the public. With so many easy to use web site templates there is no excuse to not have a web site. Some choose to hire a web site designer which is fine as well. Also not...
  10. cedarhouse

    Would you drop a B&B directory even though all of your competitors are listed?

    I fixed the map some time ago. Google changed something in the past that moved everyones map pin and it was a challenge to fix it. All is well now.
  11. cedarhouse

    How much personal info or personality do you think s/b on a B&B website?

    I think many guests who choose to stay at bed and breakfast inns do so they can get to know the innkeepers and other guests. Granted you have some guests looking to be by themselves for a romantic weekend. At our inn we have noticed that many of our guests choose our inn because they have read...
  12. cedarhouse

    Would you drop a B&B directory even though all of your competitors are listed?

    We have dropped directories that our competitors still use and have found no decrease in bookings. In fact we are experiencing an increase in bookings. We use a web site counter with analytics (paid version) that provides some great statistics about where our site visitors come from. We also ask...