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  1. Cbz

    Naive person wondering - Why are you anonymous?

    Breakfast Diva's words pretty much sums up the whole anonymous idea. This site does command top position on search engines, which is good but you can have whackos tracking you. Started off without any experience - had well thought out policies which seemed to backfire in practical world of...
  2. Cbz

    Take this test

    Thankfully none of that on my site. But i do know from my experience why some do it - being choosy about the type of people you want to stay over. Avoiding people who'd not rate you or would rate you down. To put it rather bluntly - "lick above, kick below". Was trying out some of the "top"...
  3. Cbz

    Guests Definition of Value

    About people asking us why we charge extra $20-22/night for extra person, we just tell them our rooms are rated by the authorities (Law) for 2 people maximum occupancy. And we point them towards some budget option available in our area, which they acknowledge thankfully. Save yourself from the...
  4. Cbz

    Guests Definition of Value

    Value is a relative term. Had a guest couple over on a sponsered deal of $15/night - reviewed us 6/10. Was fuming when they left - incredible PITA. Then again, i have been selling the room sometimes at $120-180/night with excellent feedback. Value is totallly a relative concept.
  5. Cbz

    Feeling like an Intruder

    Doesn't reflect well on the innkeepers for not inviting you to the function. BUT Join the party! Introduce yourself to others, be the centre of attraction, have fun- just don't feel miserable about it at all.
  6. Cbz

    Meeting the innmates

    Can we have a list of all B&Bs & their owners/innkeepers on this forum as a stciky post, old as well as new? Would help to quickly check who is located where!
  7. Cbz

    Has anyone tried to put together their website before their inn was complete?

    You can have a few pictures of the common meeting place, breakfast area, outside sitting area, areas of interest, drawing/dining area, and some decorated classic corner picture put up which will help the potential guests get a feel of the surroundings & your place in general. Add a brief...
  8. Cbz

    Why You Shouldn't Hide From Bad Reviews

    Negative reviews can be blessing in disguise. Had one recently where the person mentioned that we don't offer room service & we are 30 mins out of the town. This, as Joey points out, is something which some like while other's don't. Also, the mention of no room service has avoided us the misery...
  9. Cbz

    Why You Shouldn't Hide From Bad Reviews

    Uhm I do feel you need to be highly tactful to command all excellent reviews.... to the extent you need to be discriminating what type of guests to allow & which ones to ignore or how to "act" infront of the "chosen few"! Keeping away the PITAs you know.
  10. Cbz

    Why You Shouldn't Hide From Bad Reviews

    The thing that confuses me the most is how do some B&Bs have hundreds or even thousands of "excellent" reviews within 1 year of starting up? Came across a few on TA who started an year ago and already got 300~700 "excellent" reviews - it's like everyday 2-3 persons check out of the place , reach...
  11. Cbz

    Do you accept kids?

    You just sprinkled salt on an open wound here. Had a really destructive kid over... tore down my lounge curtains .. screamed so much i got migraine.. ran after my Irish Setter with fork.. wtf?! We've been accpeting kids so far but now i am really thinking about it twice over. Atleast to keep a...
  12. Cbz

    Just WHY does T A need this?

    A little heads up on this one - Recently a homestay (B&B) owner, who had verified using his credit card got charged for business listing, which he never wanted. He realised it only after the transaction came up on his phone - he did cancel the subscription but not before being charged for 1...
  13. Cbz

    I'm not a tourist information centre!!

    And so... the current guests just asked about the humidity level, direction & speed of wind & "my guess about tomorrow's weather".... I don't think my place points to Weather information centre :/
  14. Cbz

    I'm not a tourist information centre!!

    This is something you may term as "value added service". Over the past one year i have realised potential customers value your knowledge base more than your place. And they definitely like a place where the innkeeper knows about the surroundings. Local area is one thing.. i have sent...
  15. Cbz

    pay pal

    For me, cost is coming out to be approximately 5% of the total room rent but the main reason i do not use it is beccause PP doesn't provide any seller protection here i.e the buyer (the one who booked) can anytime ask for refund of money which they have sent you. Pricing is different for...
  16. Cbz

    Wedding Invitation

    Hi All, I am getting married on Dec 4th this year. All of you are cordially invited to be with us on this auspicious day. The venue is Rock Garden, Chandigarh ( The wedding reception will take place in April next year @ my hometown i.e...
  17. Cbz

    Thank you All

    We just barged in at No.3 spot @ Top rated B&Bs of India as per TA A big thank you to all of you for your inputs & suggestions which invariably helped me tackle situations. Thanks again!
  18. Cbz

    Weird, wacky and unusual fruits and vegetables

    The fiddlehead fern (at number 12) is called "Lingri" here . Only avaialbe during this season & is highly popular with all of us at home & guests alike. It's a royal delicacy, if you get a chance to try it, just don't have it raw. Requires atleast 30 minutes of boiling/steaming. Carrots are red...
  19. Cbz

    Child Free Inns

    That displayed xxx fun and frolic inns.
  20. Cbz

    10,000 Garden Challenge

    Voted. What does this mean "This will help my town win 50 trees!"?