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  1. SweetiePie

    Surprising Trends in Guest Behavior

    Hotel Survey Reveals Surprising Trends in Guest Behavior January 7, 2010 Each year, the Novotel Hotel Chain polls their workers to identify trends in guest behavior. This year's survey, released today, took into account results—some of which are shocking—from 30 hotels across Australia and New...
  2. SweetiePie

    It Was Love at First Bite

    After exploring pet fostering I decided it was not the way to go. Besides getting attached to the animal and then having to give it up; you had to cart it to the Adoptathon every weekend. So, I decided it was time to adopt. Buford would not have wanted me to be this sad and unhappy over him...
  3. SweetiePie

    How to Get Six Pack Abs . . . The Hard Way

    I don't think I've seen this topic discussed on the forum since I've been on it. How to deal with guests who are sick. I was around some unfortunately this weekend. I use essential oils which work pretty well for the most part. However, Saturday I got a coughing fit that lasted from 4 PM til 10...
  4. SweetiePie

    An Angel Gets His Wings

    When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. - Kahlil Gibran Buford passed away. -decoration: underline; cursor: pointer} .AOLWebSuite a.hsSig {cursor: default}
  5. SweetiePie

    How to Deskunk a Dog?

    This is for all of you country folk out there. Anyone know how to deskunk a dog? My dog who won't even chase a rabbit, decided to get into it with a skunk this morning and apparently got sprayed; as he reeks. The whole area did at the time but the breeze has taken care of that. I heard something...
  6. SweetiePie

    Food For Thought, But Not Much Else

    Great Balls Of Fire Deep fried mashed potato balls infused with bacon, garlic, and Sriracha with cheddar cheese centers and covered with gravy. Some of the strangest combinations you've ever seen.[/h3]
  7. SweetiePie

    What Percentage of PITAs are Women?

    My guess is 99.9%, at least that has been my experience. I've had almost no problems with men in my years in this business. I had a light bulb moment today after that call this morning, as to why that might be. First of all, women are more emotional; but more than that they are in desperate...
  8. SweetiePie

    You Should Be Happy to Have Me Under Any Circumstances

    That sums up in a nutshell what's wrong with guests today. I don't know if it's the Dave Ramseys, or the Clark Howards or who's giving them this impression but they seem to think we're just sitting here doing nothing - waiting for their last minute call. This is Friday, I just had a call from a...
  9. SweetiePie


    I got an invitation to join the professional group of a person I don't even know. She is supposedly an engineer for Ford Motor Company. Is this a new scam going around? I haven't encountered it before.
  10. SweetiePie

    Anybody Heard of Gordon's Guide?

    Gordon's Guide [/h3]I must be on everyone's sucker list. I'm getting hit up by these directories big time nowdays. I hope it's not because I'm listed on PAII.
  11. SweetiePie

    American Bed & Breakfast Inns

    American Bed & Breakfast Inns[/h3]I just received a soliticitation from this company and wondered if any of you had any knowledge or experience with them.
  12. SweetiePie

    The Evolution of the Garden Gnome

    The Evolution of the Garden Gnome[/h3]"Gnoming," or the traveling gnome prank, involves removing a gnome from its leafy lair, bringing it on a trip, and photographing it in front of various landmarks. The pictures are then sent to the unfortunate gardener, whose prized floral arrangements have...
  13. SweetiePie

    Your Federal Stimulus Dollars at Work

    How many of you have noticed that the only area stimulus dollars are visible at work in your state are in road construction projects? That's what I'm experiencing firsthand here. We are in a mountain community accessible off the main highway by a two lane road, which has now been reduced to one...
  14. SweetiePie

    What to Do With Herbs That Have Bolted

    I had a beautiful indoor herb garden in the sunroom. We recently had a hot spell that caused some of them to bolt and go to seed. Specifically it was the Italian and regular parsleys. I hacked off the offending growth and took them down to the soil. I notice that new growth is starting again...
  15. SweetiePie

    How Many of You are Finding that Climate Change is Actually IMPROVING your Weather?

    It has been absolutely beautiful here lately. The summer has been mild so far and comfortable temperature-wise, so no air conditioning needed. It tends to rain in the early morning, so everything is fresh and clean when you wake up. I live in the mountains so fire is always a threat, but I'm...
  16. SweetiePie

    What Constitutes a Hotel?

    Is this a new trend, to call yourself both a hotel and a bed and breakfast? This place is actually called The ______ Hotel and Bed and Breakfast. The funny part is they have all of one room. Hardly a hotel or B&B in my opinion. Seems like they are overreaching. It's brand new so will be...
  17. SweetiePie

    How Do You Feel About Being Second Choice?

    I guess I've been spoiled all these years, but I haven't had to deal with people who would rather be somewhere else until now. Are people just flying by the seat of their pants these days or what? I just got a call saying, "We've just been kicked out of so and so B&B and wondered if you could...
  18. SweetiePie

    Thoughts on the TA Webinar

    Did anyone else attend the webinar? If so, what did you think?
  19. SweetiePie

    How Do You Handle a Holiday that Falls in the Middle of the Week?

    I'm thinking of the 4th of July that falls midweek this year. Would the weekend preceeding be considered a holiday weekend? I doubt people would be celebrating the weekend after. Or should I just ignore it?
  20. SweetiePie

    The 5 - 10 - 5 Rule

    I can't believe I'm having all these cooking breakthroughs this week. First we overcame the blue muffin and now the blue hard-boiled egg yolk. I don't know why; it should be a simple as boiling water. However, for some reason, hard-boiled eggs have always vexed me. They are either blue from...