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  1. SweetiePie

    Surprising Trends in Guest Behavior

    Actually the hotels were across Australia and New Zealand.
  2. SweetiePie

    Surprising Trends in Guest Behavior

    Hotel Survey Reveals Surprising Trends in Guest Behavior January 7, 2010 Each year, the Novotel Hotel Chain polls their workers to identify trends in guest behavior. This year's survey, released today, took into account results—some of which are shocking—from 30 hotels across Australia and New...
  3. SweetiePie

    An homage to good quality paint...

    I agree. I had it professionally done, catheral ceilings and all and they used Sherwin Williams paint. It still looks brand new.
  4. SweetiePie

    Marketing to Gen X vs Baby Boomers and Gen Y

    Great topic. Lots of good information. Thanks. In the heyday of spending, both the X and Y generations were our biggest customers. I always had good luck with the 20 somethings. They were always trying to impress the boyfriend or girlfriend and willing to shell out big bucks on the spa and...
  5. SweetiePie

    Happy Holidays to Everyone!

    And a Joyous Festivus to All![/h3]
  6. SweetiePie

    Why It’s a Mistake To Ration The Orange Juice

    Glenwood Springs, Colo., from $50 per room per night[/B]Located near both Aspen and Vail, Glenwood Springs is offering a post-ski and pre-summer special, Springs Thaw. As I said before, they are slashing room rates so something has to give and apparently it is orange juice.
  7. SweetiePie

    Anyone out there in CA?

    The website is still up. I looked it up last night because I couldn't remember the name.
  8. SweetiePie

    Anyone out there in CA?

    I graduated from San Diego State and lived on Mission Bay, so I know San Diego well and have been to Julian several times. I'll bet you have some stories.
  9. SweetiePie

    Joey here on Doily Patrol

    You're an anti-doilyite, ala Seinfeld.
  10. SweetiePie

    Anyone out there in CA?

    If you like old Victorians, Heritage Park Inn in San Diego's Old Town is a good choice. I stayed there years ago and it was lovely.
  11. SweetiePie

    Morning chit chat TV

    We have the TV in the common area and it is up to the guest to use it or not. Often they will only have it on for a few minutes to catch up on the headlines. I play music in the dining area during breakfast.
  12. SweetiePie

    Fact of Life!

    A little late getting caught up. Glad to hear you are all okay. Have to vouch for the Subaru. I have an Outback and it can't be beat for snow and mountain driving.
  13. SweetiePie

    #$%^&* Computers! I think it is terminal!

    I was told by a computer pro that Vista has less problems with viruses than other applications. I have it and haven't had any problems that way.
  14. SweetiePie

    The reason no guest rooms should have a sofa

    Minus a sofa, an armless rocking chair seems to be a favorite for romantic trysts.
  15. SweetiePie

    Groom updates Facebook status at altar

    They only got honorable mention on the Today show, no interview.
  16. SweetiePie

    Most imaginative retooling of the Thanksgiving bird

    The ever popular Turkey Tetrazinni.
  17. SweetiePie

    Trip Advisor upload photos now

    I'm curious. What did you say to them to get them to remove it?
  18. SweetiePie

    What can they do that my State Assoc cannot!

    There is no difference between what happened to me and what happened to PAII. Some crackpot wrote a review whose only pupose was to denigrate. The difference is that USAToday honors their Terms of Service and Trip Advisor doesn't. I don't know who notified them of the abusive comment, but they...
  19. SweetiePie

    What can they do that my State Assoc cannot!

    An apology combined with an attack is not an apology in my book. Notice how he avoided all of the issues. Now folks you know why I call him "The Artful Dodger". " And view as well "Apology's Sorry State", by Workforce Management editor John Hollon. "Even at that point, when they finally...
  20. SweetiePie

    What can they do that my State Assoc cannot!

    It was on there and I even posted a copy of it on one of the threads questioning if this really goes on. I'm glad to see that they can get their negative reviews removed, even if they can't do anything about ours.