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  1. TinaC

    Happy Country Inn, Bed & Breakfast Day, Grande Dames, Hosts & Fans!

    Inn-Joy Much! And Thank you, Gillum House! Long May You Run. ;-)
  2. TinaC

    We're On FB!

    145 hits, 25 action taken (potential guests)? Stop by and say Like, Hello, whatever! Be sure to post your property name so they get to know you! Thanks to those who are supporting the cause by Likes, posts etc. Clever bunnies, you getting your name out. ;-)
  3. TinaC

    We're On FB!

    Just In! -- We've a new FB B&B Mascot page and ad running and B&B Fans are finding us! Hop on over and Like, comment, invite them, tell them about your inn to help create that all important buzz. It's free; it's for you. Link below if it posts. Inn-joy...
  4. TinaC

    They're Here! 2020 B&B Inn Mascot Calendars On Sale!

    Got price down as much as possible and passed the 50% disc. on to you. Calendars $17.00 + $10.00 S&H. $27.00 each. Available on ebay. It was the easiest means for posting, paying, collecting, sending on secure site. Post if any questions. Thank you innkeepers who participated. Hope you get...
  5. TinaC

    USA B&B, Inns - A Free, No Charge, Promo Opportunity For You.

    I'm working a promo project and have several inns locked in but could use a B&B with a more romantic, Valentine theme. Again, there's no charge for this. I've been told and have learned that FREE promos are best. After shelling out lots of $, my experience bears this out. Anyway, I just need...
  6. TinaC

    Always Thinking Of You Lot!

    It's been said that free advertisement is the best and in my experience, I so agree!! Another B&B, Inn project to clue you in on. Not posting this on other B&B sites so please keep it here; it's copyright protected. Am seeking B&B, Inns w/resident pets, animals for a project I'm working. It...
  7. TinaC

    Florida B&B, Inns, an opportunity for you.

    Tried to C&P announcement from their site but no-go. So, if interested, head over to FilmFlorida.org and look for Industry shout-out. What it is is he Florida Film Org is looking for industries outside of filming yet who depends on or profits from the film industry. Lodging is a def...
  8. TinaC

    B&B, Inn in Monaco, France?

    Anyone know of a B&B, Inn located in Monaco? if so, please note it here. I found one or two on Google but they were outside Monaco by eight miles or so. I guess if all else fails, I'll have to use one of them but pref. it within Monaco limits so to speak. Thanks!
  9. TinaC

    Whee won. Not an Oscar but we'll take it just the same.

    Wanted to post link but it's a no-go. Anyway, it's re: the B&B Inn related trailer and we won 1st place. Posted at You Gotta Read website and all over Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!
  10. TinaC

    Free Publicity Is Most Always the Best Publicity!

    Selling your inn? Desire more traffic at your property? I'm looking for an innkeeper or hosts who'd like free exposure via a video taped 15 - 30 sec. shoutout. Cell phone video or video camera will work fine. Just need to be able to put it in a link that I can use in a project re: the PG-13...
  11. TinaC

    Nat'l Country Inn, Bed & Breakfast Day -2013

    Recently we celebrated another annual Country Inn, B & B Day. To commerate the Date, I ran a Facebook ad honoring the Inn-dustry, her hosts and fans. When I received my account stats, I was happy to report that the ad was viewed 3,000+ times. They are learning about Bed & Breakfast, Inns! As...
  12. TinaC

    Celebrate, Celebrate! Hope you'll join me in my moment!

    Hope you don't mind me sharing my B&B, Inn movie trailer here. Too good to bury in the closet under all those blankets. I think you'll find it fun! http://youtu.be/JA7P3kUmc_k Please pass along to all your B&B buddies and fans for we love that all important buzz which will give the Inn-dustry...
  13. TinaC

    Prelude To/Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast Series accepted @ world premiere screening @ Palm Beach Women's International Film Fest

    Any positive inn "jazz" is good for the inn-dustry. Screening at the Palm Beach Women's International Film Fest! [/h1]by Tina Czarnota [/td] [/td] [/td] [/td][/td] [/td] [/td] [/td] [/td][/table] Just got word that my mystery spoof, "Prelude To the Country Inn, Dead & Breakfast Series" has...
  14. TinaC

    Nat'l Country Inn, Bed & Breakfast Day ju-ust around the corner.

    Country Inn, B&B Day is celebrated 1st Sun. in Oct. since 2005. Are you planning to celebrate the Day? If so, cozy or grand, let us know the who, how, when. A hospitality editor let me know that she needs a few more properties in order to post an article which would be free publicity, folks...
  15. TinaC

    Chat, Vent, Laugh, Cry. Umm...laugh.

    Hope you Inn-joy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zx4osvtiy4 TinaC
  16. TinaC

    Okay, okay. No throwing things at me 4 this idea. For the Night Owls, how about...

    For the night owl in your soul. There are properties that are dog, cat, kid friendly etc., and because not everyone loves to great the day at the CRACK of dawn, how about an inn that caters to the lodger (and proprietor) who hates mornings? You know, the person who burns the mid-night oil or is...
  17. TinaC

    National Country Inn, Bed & Breakfast Day, 2008. First Sunday in Oct.

    Innkeepers, hosts and your Grand Dames, this Day's for you. Celebrate, celebrate any way you like. Thanks to Touch of Ireland, New Haven, Connecticut for putting me in touch with the B&B. She ref. a new innkeeper, we teamed up and are doing a giveaway for National Day and got a free ad in the...
  18. TinaC

    Hello everyone! Newbie here.

    Finding my way around your neighborhood and so far I like what I see. Esp. the photo of the pussycat. lol I'm a cat person, what can I say. Anyway, still finding my way about. Later. Swirt, So sorry it's taking me this long with the signed copy. I just got off a book signing and there...