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  1. KenW

    Construction Discounts

    Do your guests spend most of their time at your pool area or are they out exploring the area most of the day? I would contact the contractor and find out their work schedule. For some visitors it may not be a issue. Definitely contact guests and let them know what's going on and see how it...
  2. KenW

    Sob Stories and Lies

    I might add that any bookings for next season, ( we are only open may-aug) we are only taking reservations no deposits till we know what's happening
  3. KenW

    Sob Stories and Lies

    Here's what I learned from Covid. When it hit and hit us hard financially we wanted to do the right thing and offered full refunds or a credit voucher for future stay. In a effort to fill vacancies we offered a " no questions asked" cancellation policy " Both of which nearly cleaned us out...
  4. KenW

    Did I get kicked out of TA?

    If your not spending a little money with TA your missing some bookings. We always send a follow up text asking for a google review but some just use TA which is fine too. Reviews are decision makers for many travelers.Your going to need those positive reviews on your list to compensate for the...
  5. KenW

    Time For A Raise!

    Your worth it! If you have 5 star reviews, go the extra mile and especially if you are offering a service or location that your competitors don't.
  6. KenW

    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    Reviews are everything...we send out a post stay text requesting Google reviews with a link.
  7. KenW

    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    This year was different..normally booked 90% by the time we open for our summer season...Lost over 50% before we got open. The cheap air fare was motivating people to just get on the plane and figure it out after they got to Alaska. Lots of people on the way or in our parking lot looking for...
  8. KenW

    House keeper looking..

    Not sure where to post this but let me know.. We are a week away from ending our season and I have a house keeper looking to relocate to the Cleveland area, interested in a accommodation/work job. This was her 2nd season with us and great house keeper.
  9. KenW


    just reading a post from Arks and it was something I am working through now. We have a few groups that stay we enjoy hosting.Then there is the neighbor rv/camping business just down the road from us who is in the beach/adventure wedding business. They don't have accommodations and refer them to...
  10. KenW

    Howdy, hosts

    Lots to consider, my wife and Have been in the people business for many years.We are in the process of transition from our business of 26 years to our Alaska BnB within 2 years. For me, being a handyman is crucial.Youtube has been a lifesaver. Our Lodge is only open May through August so where...
  11. KenW

    Breakfast Order Form

    We have always done a serve your self buffet but with Covid we started with a order form served as a carry out to our seating area arranged with distancing. We didn't like it and settled to us with still a buffet but us serving, with distancing.
  12. KenW

    Just stay-over, no breakfast?

    Depends on where you are and how you are set up. We are a lodge and we offer a full blown buffet which is definitely one of the deciding factors for our guests to stay with us.
  13. KenW

    Reservation software

    We use Little Hotellier, works well channel manager, and basic website design. Cople of things we wish we could change...more options the site design and wish it had a calendar type of room availability but for $175 a month all is good. Support is good.
  14. KenW

    Packaged soaps or liquids?

    We had packaged soaps and 2oz shampoo and conditioner last season....thinking about going to dispensers for in shower body wash,shampoo . What's your take on This? Thanks Ken
  15. KenW

    Trouble with guests losing keys?

    After our first season of chasing keys we put keyless locks on all our suites