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  1. JimBoone

    Construction Discounts

    Don't underestimate yourselves or your guests, any hotel can offer a room for the night, but only you can offer YOU, the fact that you care is what sets you apart for the large corporate entity. Promote that 11th room as the "construction room", make your big discount for that room, don't be too...
  2. JimBoone

    Construction Discounts

    This brings back memories, back in the 60's we ordered novelties from Oriental Trading Company for prizes at children's shows when I worked at a theatre chain, you sound a bit like an old showman yourself.
  3. JimBoone

    Sob Stories and Lies

    Our business model is a bit different, most guests are for a night or a weekend, a few longer stays. Guests get a $10 charge when a reservation is made, it proves the card, covers card costs, and discourages those holding a room "in case" the family actually want to go off for the weekend, the...
  4. JimBoone

    Is the Recipe section still here?

    Arks, as one that doesn't cook, I confess I don't know how many were originally listed, but try this link http://www.innspiring.com/recipe/byname I notice the first link I shared showed maybe a dozen recent direct links, but by going to the sub-heading "by name" I counted over 100 listed. It...
  5. JimBoone

    Is the Recipe section still here?

    https://web.archive.org/web/20200227142425/http://www.innspiring.com/recipe Try and see if this link will take you directly to page. Rather seems like this should be able to work in reverse, if the forum could be scanned/crawled and the information saved, could it not be retrieved in the same...
  6. JimBoone

    Compliance Checks

    My issue with many laws and rules, we seem to go after the low hanging fruit, make the politician look good, make more work for the guy who was trying to follow the rules already, while ignoring the larger issues.
  7. JimBoone

    Birdeye For Business? Ever heard of it?

    I expect somewhere along the line they would like to separate us from some money. I've gotten a few such emails, usually long after I'd seen and answered the review.
  8. JimBoone

    Time For A Raise!

    I take a slightly different approach and attempt a number that comes out to an even dollar amount after adding taxes.
  9. JimBoone

    Website Privacy Policy

    Arks sorry you didn't get a reply from anyone, for me my computer time is early morning coffee time, I'm not likely to see anything beyond my morning play time till the next morning. I think I was asked for the same when starting with my current processor and asked them for a guide which has...
  10. JimBoone

    RezStream Report Help Please

    I don't use RezStream, but consider myself a sort of database guy, so just throwing out a couple of thoughts in hopes they are useful. Just a guess: that FOR is specific to a single date (=) and CUT-OFF is up to and including that date (<=) DATABASE: Table (stores information) - Query (asks a...
  11. JimBoone

    Noticing a trend

    Mort, I like that idea of a premium for one night, actually had put it in a rate plan for this year and then chickened out when everything went to heck in the spring. I think my copy said something like "listed rates are based on multiple nights, single nights higher", pretty sure your/our...
  12. JimBoone

    Noticing a trend

    We also ask for an expected arrival time, a range of a couple of hours is sufficient, some give one, some don't, but in our prearrival emails I do try to gently explain that our reason for asking is that we have doctor appointments and other errands and I don't want them to cause them a problem...
  13. JimBoone

    Crazy guests

    I miss the occasional dinner out, never were fancy folks, but a drive through burger and eating in the parking lot doesn’t have the same effect. Our physical arrangement doesn’t have guests “in the house”, but visiting with, shaking hands or hugging regulars was always a big part of what made...
  14. JimBoone

    Crazy guests

    This has been a crazy year, don’t know if I’m tired, bored, lazy from not doing as much business or just age catching up with me, do y’all feel a bit that way this year?
  15. JimBoone

    legal cannabis

    I like your movie poster, I played Reefer Madness as a theatre manager long ago.
  16. JimBoone

    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    We may get a few reviews a month, I don’t bug guests, but do request/encourage a review in our follow up email. Like FHI2426 it is a big help getting mom & pop noticed among the giants. Unlike Mort, I seem to get more from older folks than our younger winter visitors, but then that’s more our...
  17. JimBoone

    Hi Inn Owners!

    AndyB, nope, don't have the answer to your broker question, just some random thoughts, right or wrong. Where have you lived? Southeast, New England, not just business, but what makes you happy, it is happiness that carries me through. I would expect rules and taxes to be higher in the...
  18. JimBoone

    What’s with google asking everyone to leave a review?

    Haven’t experienced that “yet”, I would expect it to be a setting in the individual phone that needed to be changed. You should be able to limit location sharing.
  19. JimBoone

    Purchase of Neglected Inn

    I don't know anyone individually yet there often seem to be aspiring innkeepers posting here in this forum who have ideas and dreams, but not funds to get started. I remember also seeing a forum or list of innkeeping jobs available and wanted, but don't presently recall the name of the group.
  20. JimBoone

    Purchase of Neglected Inn

    Not advice, just comments from one with an 8 room motel. Our place went from the better dump to a well liked spot and a good life, of course I enjoy the people side, for many the difficult part is financing to get started, you seem to have that part covered so your thoughts seem to hold promise...