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    CARES Relief Act

    There are major provisions in this for small businesses. Other than the $1,200 stipends, how do you see this legislation affecting you?
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    Who do you bank with?

    We are currently with a local bank, but am wondering if some of the bigger chains offer better deals for our business. We do a lot of credit card processing, but want to get away from that more. Was reading up about Zelle, but hardly know anything about it. I think we pay a flat fee of 2.5% on...
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    This was posted seven years ago, but am curious where people are with it now: What coffee brands or service you use? Where do you get it?
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    Credit Card vs. Check on a major ($10K+) event.

    Our BnB is in a major college town and May graduation is a five-figure event over three days. We'll be renting out nine rooms. We plan to charge it at the start of the year (guests are aware of our policy). Credit card fees will be around $300-$400 for this. Thoughts on asking our guests to just...
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    Refund Policy

    Just finished our fourth month of running a B&B. Learning lots but still have a LOT to learn. Guest books on Expedia and upon arrival, complains about finding a hair in her sheets. We promptly change the sheets and apologize. I don't think we verified seeing it. She also complains about the...
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    Optional Breakfast?

    Has anyone here experimented with an optional breakfast booking (i.e. no breakfast option)? Or charging people per guest for the breakfast vs. doing it per room?
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    Typical Day + Labor?

    I'm curious what your typical day looks like. How many rooms do you have and what do you get help with?
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    Recourse Against No-Show on Booking.com

    We had a person no-show after the cancellation deadline via booking.com. When we went to charge their card today, nothing went through. They are a "genius booker" and were responding to texts up until the last few days. Booking said they would charge their card once they updated their...
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    Commission from Expedia/Hotels suddenly 30% ...

    We get a lot of our bookings from outside sites, and have been paying an 18% commission on our bookings. About a week ago, the reservations coming from sites like Expedia and Hotels.com started coming in minus around 30% commission. We've received no explanation. Anyone had a similar experience...
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    My wife and I are about a month into owning a B&B. We are full on the weekends and mostly empty during the weeks (for now). We're looking to stock up on bath towels to have lots of spares. What brand/kind do you use in your B&B's?
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    Square deactivated our account!

    On day three of taking reservations, we got hit with this bombshell e-mail from Square: "Our Account Services team has reviewed your account and determined that we are no longer able to support processing your payments. Starting today, your account with Square is deactivated. Any funds currently...
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    Credit Card Processor

    Browsing the forums it seems like most people are using square.for processing credit cards. Is that the consensus? What other options are people using and why?
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    SuperInn vs. ReservationKey

    I hope this is the right forum to post about this. The B&B that my wife and I are purchasing on Tuesday is using SuperInn for their bookings. The current owners have not taken any bookings in advance of the sale, so the system is empty. From browsing the forums the last few weeks, it seems like...
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    Shared Bathroom?

    My upcoming purchase has two rooms downstairs with a shared bathroom. Currently the owners rent that as one suite: Standard bedroom with king-sized bed + office/lounge area in the other room (relatively large sized). Seems like a waste of a room to do that, but there is only one bathroom for...
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    Remote door lock system?

    My wife and I are about to purchase a 7 room Inn. We'd like to set up the doors with remote access. What's the best hardware and software for that?