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  1. Happy Harpie

    A much needed REST

    We had a most wonderful season this year and closed up shop last weekend for the Winter. We are situated in a tiny village on the shores of Georgian Bay, yet 70% of our clientele come from overseas. Headed South on a much needed break. Anyone out there near Lexington Ky, who wishes to rent us...
  2. Happy Harpie

    Over To The Dark Side

    12 years in the business and I get 60% reservations through BDC, but also 25% - 30% cancellations. Frustrating, but customers reserve 2 or more places and then after a while decide which one is best suited for them and cancel the rest.
  3. Happy Harpie

    Hello! Innkeeper 18 years, new here.

    Hello from Canada; You are much too good and you love being a B&B owner to give it up. And then what the heck you gonna do with all the tea, coffee and Electric car hook-up. Stick around, as you are one of the best!
  4. Happy Harpie

    Guests who steal towels!

    In 10 years we have had one Face Cloth go missing and the woman was so devastated that she sent a $6 face cloth back in the mail to us with a postage cost of $4. Her note to us was "I was mortified that I took one of your face cloths by mistake." She stated that it was already in the mail. We...
  5. Happy Harpie

    Food preparation regulations Ontario Canada

    Hi welcome to the forum; Not sure if your are inquiring about serving breakfast or main meals. If it is the latter the Canadian Food Inspection Agency gets involved and you will have to practically have a commercial kitchen to get approval. As for just breakfast, we are in Ontario and I have...
  6. Happy Harpie

    A giggle and laugh among the hectic!

    We had a break last night and were sitting on the patio sipping on a glass of wine when my wife said. Running a B&B is just like the Movie "Ground Hog Day". Same thing day in and day out. That was when the wine squirted out of nose! She's a keeper!
  7. Happy Harpie

    If you were to give only one PR tip to an innkeeper, what would that be?

    When you greet your guests at the door - Positive First Impressions are imperative, as they are so important and tend to set the mood and mindset of the guests.
  8. Happy Harpie

    What do you do with the leftovers?

    The fact that we do several overnight dishes, the leftovers go to an 89 year old lady across the street who live on her own and gets up around the time that we have finished serving Breakfast. Sometimes the leftover fruit salad will go into a mixture of fruit for our Belgian Waffles. Left over...
  9. Happy Harpie

    Veteran's day

    BBCanada is now on line for B&B for Vets. If interested in opening up your B&Bs in the USA for Canadian Vets go to BBCanada.com Cheers
  10. Happy Harpie

    Veteran's day

    BB Canada will be putting out a call very shortly - Last year we had just under 300 B&Bs participate, and from the feedback I received a great success.
  11. Happy Harpie

    The traveler. What trends can we expect?

    Happy Keeper hit it right on the head. When we travel, we will always try to find a B&B, however, in some of the tourist areas,we find that we can't afford them. $200.00 + per night is not in our budget, yet you can still find a hotel for $100.00. We tend to keep our prices in a very...
  12. Happy Harpie

    In Running for Best of....

    Even Canada Loves you!..from first-hand experience - VOTED! Might see you in Dec for a night. Cheers Tucked Inn the Harbour B&B
  13. Happy Harpie

    Professional Courtesy or no?

    No names, but we did exactly that and visited some B&Bs on our way to Florida. Two were absolutely free with a promise to reciprocate should they come up to Canada, and the rest were a minimum of at least 25% off. Be it in high season, which most B&Bs cannot get away anyway, we would still...
  14. Happy Harpie

    Great site...

    Welcome from the shores of Southern Georgian Bay, Ontario. I have gleaned so much info and insights from the members here. Indeed a treasure trove of information.
  15. Happy Harpie

    Maridor B&B in Roanoke up for auction

    Get me my Green Card and I'll buy Joey Bloggs. When are you coming up to Canada so we can reciprocate your wonderful hospitality.
  16. Happy Harpie

    How do you like your eggs?

    I like mine raw in a glass of Clamato Juice and extra spices.
  17. Happy Harpie

    Suggestions for In Room Information Signs

    Hey There; We have an information booklet with lots pictures, house rules, Dining Establishments, Sights to see and do, including active sporting ideas. WiFi password, Hot tub guidelines; We also explain the rooms, the amenities, a little about the hosts. etc. We get a lot of favourable...
  18. Happy Harpie

    Do you accept kids?

    We accept them at any age, but charge them accordingly. Usually a minimum of $25.00 and up. The way we are set-up, we ad a single air bed or if there is more than one child we provide very comfortable air beds in the rec room with their own TV and Wii games. We have had great luck with kids...
  19. Happy Harpie

    Are you fluent in another language?

    My wife and I are fluent in German and French. Will gladly translate for anyone that has a problem understanding a reservation request, etc.
  20. Happy Harpie

    Fall Color

    Utterly beautiful, however, the road crew must have been on something when they painted the road, hahaha!