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  1. Weaver

    Service Included - book club

    Service Included is now ready to move on to whom ever is interested. Just got it from Cambs and read it cover to cover last night. Email me and I will send it right along.
  2. Weaver

    Vanilla Lemonade

    It has been pretty warm for June the last few days and ice water was just not cutting it. Before heading out to the burn pile and dealing with weeds I am hitting the store and gettin' me some lemons. This just looks like summer in a glass. http://www.foodbuzz.com/recipes/5745326-vanilla-lemonade
  3. Weaver

    Here's Your Sign

    For PITAs Edited for a new pic
  4. Weaver

    Reality Check - Occupancy Rates Help Please

    I am still crunching numbers, I have looked at several industry studies, local industry reports and so on, however I want to hear from real people. I am just not happy with the financials - they actually look too good. For those of you that started from scratch, every B n B started somewhere...
  5. Weaver

    Fruit Course Decor

    I saw this and thought it was cute, could do half for a first course, sort of island tropic for the warm months.
  6. Weaver

    Chocoholics or Child Guests - Oreo French Toast

    For when you have a young person or a chocoholic guest or even when you just need chocolate. Thought I would share this one, going to store for dreaded oreos. May be having breakfast for dinner tonight. http://doughmesstic.com/2012/05/21/oreo-stuffed-french-toast/
  7. Weaver

    Delivery Charge

    When I first open I will have 3 or 4 cottage/cabins ready to go, the main lodge with 4-5 rooms will be the following spring. I have the morning breakfast delivery all worked out for the opening phase with pretty baskets, fully equiped kitchens and dining areas, so there is no problem there...
  8. Weaver

    When do you use the fine china vs good everyday dishes (porcelain or stoneware/earthenware)

    When do you use the fine china vs good everyday dishes (porcelain or stoneware/earthenware)
  9. Weaver

    Waffling - Eggs

    JB - got me cruising some of the food blogs I follow, and I forgot to share this a while ago. Haven't tried it out, but my DD did, and she has the patience of a gnat, and she was able to get the egg out on the second try. She said trick is cooking spray and patience, lift carefully, and have a...
  10. Weaver

    Do you feel trapped?

    In light of HJ post and others here, as I am faced with yet a completely different configuration on this property than the other one I was leaning toward, do you feel trapped in your innkeeper space by guests? For those that didn't see my comment, the main lodge will be a bank barn, having...
  11. Weaver

    Cinnamon Apple Bake

    This is Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and can be egg free if you have a vegan. Or if your chickens stop laying and you run out of eggs, or they just get scared of the bugs like Arks'. ;-) http://naturalnoshing.wordpress.com/2011/08/15/cinn-apple-bake/ Pretty presentation as well.
  12. Weaver

    Naming Names

    I put this in "Inn the Guestrooms" since this is specifically about naming guest rooms. Not wanting to jinx anything but... I am trying not to go insane while waiting not so patiently for my next meeting with my investor. I am down to the short strokes on my acqusition proposal. The property I...
  13. Weaver

    More Creative Uses for Bacon

    Could easily fill with eggs for a crustless, albeit not meatless quiche. Edited to ad: Using 5-6 strips of bacon make a basket weave pattern, press into a muffin tin, cook at about 350-375 F until crisp. Fill with eggs or ???
  14. Weaver

    Lemon Tart

    Saw this and just had to share. http://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-lemon-yogurt-ice-box-tart-recipes-from-the-kitchn-169454
  15. Weaver

    How Much Hanging Around?

    In looking at potential remodeling of the main house on the prospective property I am given pause to think about how much time guests spend in the common areas. As many of you know I am planning a farm stay, so there will be lots and LOTS of things to do outside. How large are your common...
  16. Weaver

    Top 5 wish list

    As I inch closer to acquisiton I am confronted with the possibility of an extensive remodel of the main house. The square footage is awesome 5 bedrooms and 5K SF but the bath configuration/placement, wasted space, and general flow are not conducive to a comfortable guest experience. So since...
  17. Weaver

    Do you use recipe software?

    Do you use recipe software?
  18. Weaver

    hair roller

    Has anyone tried these bad boys? Like a lint roller (the sticky tape type) on a stick. Not economical but looks effective.
  19. Weaver

    Dispensers and Bity Bottles?

    I know we have discussed the dispenser vs small bottles of shampoo, et all for bath amenities. But after a cruise through the older posts I couldn't find this one. Six of the nine baths in my target property have (or will have) both a tub and shower separate from one another, making it a four...
  20. Weaver

    help with wordpress

    Does anyone have any experience with wordpress? I am setting up a blog for my project and am trying to upload pictures from the realtor, and I can't get them to fill the whole image area on the post. Any help would be appreciated. I am sure I will eventually figure it out, but haven't spent...