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  1. 2cat_lady

    Blindsided and I need some Advice

    Hi everyone. Have not posted in a long time. Basically, I have had social media overload and I'm more of a looker than a talker lately but I've always been able to come here for good advice and suggestions. I had someone design my website when we first started and I was pretty happy with it. I...
  2. 2cat_lady

    Emails are going, going....

    Last two Exp**a reservations came through MyAllocator without email addresses. The first one I didn't notice because she sent me a separate email asking me a million questions (why didn't she just book on my site!) which I replied to. her sister, who did book through me, mentioned that her...
  3. 2cat_lady

    For all those needing a chuckle this time of year.

    I think we all 'get' this. http://www.cbc.ca/22minutes/videos/clips-season-24/how-to-deal-with-dietary-restrictions-at-christmas-dinner Newfs are the best!
  4. 2cat_lady

    How to respond

    Okay, got a great review on TA. Loved our place and gave us the full five but they got my name wrong. Twice. Now, I don't expect people to remember my name 100% of the time. I'm ahead of the game because I have their names written down. But, that being said, I don't want anyone that reads the...
  5. 2cat_lady

    Hotel Bonanza

    This post is for those who use OTAs. I know not everyone agrees with them but at this stage of the game, they still help me fill rooms. Just got an email from a new OTA (at least to me) from Hotel Bonanza. Offering 8% commission and reportedly nothing more. Ever. Looks like a UK site. Looks a...
  6. 2cat_lady

    Here it goes

    Well, I got the inevitable phone call yesterday. My mother had broken her hip a few weeks ago and went through surgery. She wasn't responding well, but after a few days and a change in medication, she finally opened her eyes. They transferred her back to the nursing home where they would feed...
  7. 2cat_lady

    What's the weirdest (or worst) thing you've made yourself?

    Generic made me think of this one. Okay, sometimes we are so run off our feet that we are desperate to eat, anything. If that happens to you, what have you had? Or, what will you eat if there's no time to make real food--like the stuff we make our guests? I'm bad. When I'm hungry and I don't...
  8. 2cat_lady

    Ever have one of those morning?

    This was a great morning! I hate conventional breakfasts--bacon, eggs, toast, coffee. Don't get me wrong. Love this but you can get that anywhere around here. I try to be different and stand out but sometimes, unfinished plates make you question your choices. This morning, strawberry bread...
  9. 2cat_lady

    I'm a genius ( or I'm not and I just didn't know about this)

    Was talking with a guest about ironing (yuck, only good thing about it is getting my Netflix fix). I iron my pillowcases and shams but not my duvet covers. I was ambitious my first season and did them, now I'd be just plain crazy. She suggested I use linen water. Or make my own. Linen water, I...
  10. 2cat_lady

    Note to self:

    Okay, for my list next year: A second dryer Part time help Clone myself (rough week)
  11. 2cat_lady

    Tough Love

    Yes, I do love my guests but not two hours before check in. Today, I had a room ring our front doorbell almost two hours before check in. I honestly did not hear them, probably because the vacuum was going and when I'm upstairs, I honestly don't hear it. I only knew about it because DH was...
  12. 2cat_lady

    Help with response please

    So what would you say? Got a nice review on TA today. But, in it the guest mentions how wonderful it was that we cooked up the lobsters in our kitchen that they bought. Yeah, more like didn't give us a choice. We allow our guests to use our dining room to eat any food that they bring in--take...
  13. 2cat_lady


    Anyone else having MyAllocator sending out modified reservations from OTAs and then resending confirmation emails? Just had one resent that had stayed with me two days ago and gone, and another that had booked with me yesterday but send out two more today.
  14. 2cat_lady

    Do you have a 'curfew'?

    What time do you tell your guests that they basically have to shut things down? I had a couple here last night that were sitting in my dining room (with my permission of course), eating a take out meal that they brought with them. They had a few drinks and then went to their room about...
  15. 2cat_lady

    Tipping button on card processor

    Just got a new card processor, new company. Test drove it this weekend, works great. However, it came preprogrammed with the option for the guest to add a tip is a $amount or %. Does anyone else have this on their processor? I didn't on my last one. I never noticed when I processed the...
  16. 2cat_lady

    Yucky Fruit

    I'm finding it very challenging to put fresh fruit in front of my guests. Weather has been poopy. High winds make it hard for ferry crossings and that's how most of our fresh produce comes to the island. I've been existing on trying to make oranges and bananas look creative. The other stuff that...
  17. 2cat_lady

    Do you sometimes get that feeling........?

    Is it just me? Maybe it's because this season just doesn't want to seem to end. Another booking for my least expensive room. Do you sometimes feel that they book the cheapest room when it starts to slow down, expecting you to upgrade them? I try to upgrade when I can. But, I just got one where...
  18. 2cat_lady

    Another Air Perspective

    Just had another Air guest. They were great and loved our place. They actually looked for a B&B on the Air site and ours was only 1 of 2 in the area. They liked ours better, lol. But, she said she like using Air because the App was so easy to use. She like the fact that it would list everything...
  19. 2cat_lady

    Love my new surveillance camera

    I know there was a previous thread on someone working at an inn that was being 'spied' on by the owners. But this doesn't have anything to do with that. I seem to always find myself in the laundry room just before check in hours and I have a very hard time knowing when my guests arrive. I bring...
  20. 2cat_lady

    Google Ads--Have you tried them?

    Anyone used Google Ads? Just got an offer in the mail from them. Spend $50, get a $100 credit. Only pay when someone clicks. Pros and Cons. If you tried it, did you gain any benefit?