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  1. Baygirl

    Day off in July

    Wow for the first time in 14 years we do not have any guests for two nights in July! Very strange, but instead of worrying about it, we're going to embrace this break in the middle of summer. Guess we'll play tourists like our guests for a day. Is anyone seeing a difference in their...
  2. Baygirl

    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Innmates

    Wanted to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and for those that don't celebrate this holiday have a Happy Day! Very grateful for this forum and the people on it. Gobble gobble!
  3. Baygirl

    Wow..Chalk another one up for "the life of an innkeeper"

    Had a business person stay one night recently. She was a late check in so we left her a note. She advised us that she wasn't able to have breakfast the next morning, but I did see her before she left in the AM and saw she had brought someone with her. Each of our rooms has a comment book in...
  4. Baygirl

    They came ..They went..

    Had a reservation for last night that was made back in May which included the romance package. Couple stated they weren't arriving until late so we left them a note. Woke up this morning, note missing from front desk, walk to the room, door is still open, note was inside the room, (so at least...
  5. Baygirl

    How do you reply to people always looking for a discount?

    I had a call today.. This person has stayed a few times here and has asked before for a "special deal" and I've stood my ground. Saying that the price is what it is and it was up to them if they wanted to stay. They ended up with the same questions today and I stood my ground. They ended up...
  6. Baygirl

    Ant update to Kickoff weekend to season, Full house and ANTS!!

    I made it through the weekend. Had to move another couple the next morning due to his wife (ice queen, aka beeatch) seeing 8 ants in her room. It's never good when a guest asks if they can talk to you privately. I did go out and got the DE powder from Lowes. I put as much powder as I could...
  7. Baygirl

    Anyone using Amazon for cc processing?

    I am curious if anyone uses Amazon's version of Square? Love that fact that they don't charge a lot extra for keying in numbers. We run deposits so 50% of our business is keying. With square I can't justify the add'l fees per transaction and the higher rate on manual entries. Any input would...
  8. Baygirl

    We can't stand you....

    Has anyone else seen this article on Yahoo titled "We can't stand you and other confessions from a B & B owner"? I had to laugh because a lot of it is true, but it doesn't mean I'd like our guests to know...
  9. Baygirl


    I wake up this morning to a voicemail left at 1159PM last night. "You'd probably get more business if you answered your phone 24/7" then they hang up! Grrrr.... 59 more days til vacation and I can't wait. Not a good way to start the day... Let's hope the worst of the day is over.
  10. Baygirl

    Are your beds comfortable?

    I'm on a 10 minute call today. I know she's already been online and has seen all the answers that she's asking me over the phone. Then she asks," are your beds comfortable?" I can't believe anyone asks this silly question. So, I said NO, they're as hard as a rock, in fact there aren't any...
  11. Baygirl

    When guests become friends it gets sticky

    I'm sure we're not the only ones to become friends with guests that have been returning over the years. Well, our friends booked this weekend and it is college graduation. They got the last room we had available about 3 weeks ago and of course we didn't get a credit card. She called last...
  12. Baygirl

    Anyone else experiencing low numbers for January?

    We've been in a deep freeze on and off for the past month. I'm seriously starting to believe it's affecting our reservations. We are normally slow this time of year and don't get me wrong I'm enjoying the down time, but not even our weekends are getting to 50%. This is way down from last...
  13. Baygirl

    I think this is a scam email has anyone gotten one of these?

    I received the email below and the weird thing is it has an attachment. I think it's a scam and wondering if anyone else has gotten one of these. There are two email address, one from yahoo and one from the uk. I don't have a reservation for this person and don't have availability for one of...
  14. Baygirl

    Ahhhh I can breath again!

    We'll be opening a bottle of bubbly up tonight to celebrate surviving a really busy season! It's a wonderful thing we were busy, but my patience was getting very very thin with guests and I'm so tired of answering the same questions over and over and over. Another week of stupidity from some...
  15. Baygirl

    Finally a day off

    Not a complete day off, but close enough. Still had to do breakfast this morning for a few rooms, but blocked today so we have NO check ins! Whoop whoop... Last date we had no one at the here was May 30th. Way too long ago! Now it's the waiting game for the guests from last night to leave...
  16. Baygirl

    Seriously? You have to ask!

    I just did a post regarding our policy of no children under 10. Now we get a phone call last night around 10PM, since we stop answering phones after a certain time in the evening they left a message. Message I wake up to says that him, his wife and 11mo baby would love to stay with us over the...
  17. Baygirl

    Children policy

    We accept children over the age of 10. The age keep getting higher the longer we're in this business. How do you guys handle it when someone shows up with a baby or child? This happened to us today ... Grrrrrr Luckily they're here only for one night, but do you say something to them about...
  18. Baygirl

    ResKey down??

    Anyone experiencing problems with ResKey??
  19. Baygirl

    Ugh how would you answer this??

    So this couple stayed last night at our place... Mother bought them a room with the romance package. Long story short... Mother had called and left a message saying she wanted to make a reservation. An hour later a reservation came over online, so I didn't feel the need to call her back. She...
  20. Baygirl

    Ahhh it feels so good!

    Decided to block a couple days since it getting towards the end of our season. Does it feel good. Slept til 8, it's now 1030, I'm still in my PJ's. Sitting out by the fire in the great room (which we don't get to enjoy when guests are here) and enjoying a mimosa! Had to share with you guys...