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  1. 2cat_lady

    New TripAdvisor policies?

    Which makes me wonder..... I signed an agreement with the professional photographer that contributed photography for my website that I would give him photo credit whenever I shared his photos. If TA has access to my website and feels they can use the material on there, how does that fulfill that...
  2. 2cat_lady

    New TripAdvisor policies?

    Went into my account to look at the CPC campaign and just closed the window asking me to accept terms. But, looking at my property on TA, the official site price doesn't show up, whereas my pricing was always there comparing to OTAs.
  3. 2cat_lady

    Dumitru and My New Website!

    All I can say is “Wow!” Beautiful website and a beautiful accommodation.
  4. 2cat_lady

    How do you respond to hagglers?

    I respond with : I think you'll find that we're very competitively priced in comparison with everyone in this area but no one else has the view that I have to offer. I can suggest a few other places if it doesn't matter to you what you see out your window. And I say this without being sarcastic...
  5. 2cat_lady

    An International Elopement

    Any Canadian can fly into the U.S. It is the land borders that are closed. Once they cross back into Canada (fly) they may need to self-isolate for 14 days, depending on what province they fly into. If they fly back into Newfoundland from anywhere in Canada, they must self isolate for 14 days. I...
  6. 2cat_lady

    What's Your Forecast for End of Year?

    Have a few but it's normally quiet this time of year for me. We have a fishing village next to us that lights up all the boats in the harbour. Very popular around here but most folks come within driving distance so they don't need to stay overnight. Only if they want to make an evening of it...
  7. 2cat_lady

    Patience is wearing thin but I didn’t say what I wanted to say, so, so far, so good

    Terrible to feel helpless. My daughter and son-in-law in Ontario are starting their second week of self isolation. Someone in his work crew decided to keep working even after his wife tested positive. It wasn't until he tested positive that he told the company. That has affected half the...
  8. 2cat_lady

    Should Innspiring.com Go Private?

    It was our pleasure! We still plan to stay opened for at least the next four years and you'll be happy to hear that the province has decided that we need more charging stations along the TCH. That should make your trip a little less stressful. We would love to see you again and maybe your little...
  9. 2cat_lady

    Should Innspiring.com Go Private?

    Well, I'm very thankful this forum was public. Seven years ago when I was looking for an egg recipe, I accidentally came across this forum and I'm so thankful. Did I mention I was thankful? I was only open six months but the information I gleaned was invaluable and I don't know where we'd be if...
  10. 2cat_lady

    Anyone on HotelTonight?

    I love this new feature! Not only does it do the book direct reservations but John rigged it to include the ones from MyAlllocator. No more waking up in the middle of the night to check on bookings.
  11. 2cat_lady

    Not as much fun as it used to be

    Throwing in my two cents. Our province has opened up to an ‘Atlantic Bubble’. Only those provinces (New Brunswick, P.E.I., and Nova Scotia) plus our own can visit our province without the mandatory 14 day isolation. Even that is subject to approval of an exemption to even be in our province...
  12. 2cat_lady

    Hand Sanitizer or Wipes

    W have a wall mounted pump in the entryway. I pointed it out to guests that checked in last night. It was in use within minutes. I have someone booked for three nights next week. He is here to do some work in the surgery rooms at the local hospital. Now it’s a case of will he or won’t he?
  13. 2cat_lady


    Lost my first reservation. Just two rooms/one night but they were travelling healthcare workers coming in from out of province. Thankfully, they called back to say that their assignments have just moved back two months so they rebooked for the beginning of May. Here's to a shot of optimism!
  14. 2cat_lady

    Blindsided and I need some Advice

    I think the problem has more to do with the problems he had with his employee. Plus, I'm the one that discovered the initial problem with GoDaddy. Even then, it took awhile before he was trying to convince to move my website to WIX. To top it off, I've contacted someone on Fiverr in the...
  15. 2cat_lady

    Blindsided and I need some Advice

    I never thought of them. I will definitely check them out.
  16. 2cat_lady

    Blindsided and I need some Advice

    Hi everyone. Have not posted in a long time. Basically, I have had social media overload and I'm more of a looker than a talker lately but I've always been able to come here for good advice and suggestions. I had someone design my website when we first started and I was pretty happy with it. I...
  17. 2cat_lady

    7 days and counting

    Came to the party a little late. Good for you Innkeep! A second retirement for you. And a jump into a new adventure. DH and I will always have fond memories of your visit and we wish you much joy and success. The acting will be a great outlet for the frustrations I’m sure you’ll experience in...
  18. 2cat_lady

    Soon to be new Innkeeper but old hand at hospitality

    Welcome from someone that quickly reads when she’s busy but wouldn’t miss the conversations for anything!
  19. 2cat_lady

    You've Gotta Love 'em

    Blocked all of our rooms last night because I had doctor’s appointments booked months ago. We were in town (an hour away) and got a phone call—two hours before our normal check in. “Hello, I know we’re early, but just wondering if we could bring in our luggage” Uh, no. There is no one staying...
  20. 2cat_lady

    Violated My Rule On Politics, Religion & Sex

    And on the other side of the table.... Our American guests have gone out of their way to tell us that they love us and hope that they can be goodwill ambassadors during their visit. And honestly, have had more than the usual amount of phone calls this last week from south of the border booking...