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  1. Skamokawa

    Does Anyone Use the ResKey FB app?

    I would like to try setting this up, but am clueless
  2. Skamokawa

    TA Certificates of Excellence later this year?

    Just got the notice. Seems like it was a lot earlier last year.
  3. Skamokawa

    The Expanding Dinner

    Guest asked yesterday for dinner for six tomorrow. OK. This morning it is now dinner for nine. I asked how many in their total gathering (only two are staying here). Nine. So it won't get any bigger. (well, not likely) DH will test his waiter skills tomorrow! I can do six but nine will...
  4. Skamokawa

    Price point where people expect 'a certain experience'?

    On another thread - a small sidetrack discussion about Air and how some might think the Air experience is a typical B&B experience. Some say bookings on Air are driven by price. I think price is one consideration of several. Another innkeeper on the forum is very clear in the Air description...
  5. Skamokawa

    Is there a tipping point?

    We opened in 2007. Two rooms in an out of the way area with two other local B&Bs open a year before us. (There were none here when we were in the planning phase). Steadily increased bookings until the recession hit us in 2009. Opened vacation rental apartment in 2010. Increases resumed...
  6. Skamokawa

    One Job Down

    Life happens. A family member needs some help and a new employee has come on at the paid job, who can absorb my duties......so I'm officially retired from outside work. The last few months have been pretty busy....to the point that room upgrades did not get done, but we'll start on shower...
  7. Skamokawa

    Inspection Pass yay

    Just had the inspection. Was told I'll need a dedicated hand washing sink in the next upgrade. Sigh. That will be very difficult to squeeze in, but otherwise flying colors. And thanks to those who were kind to the recent questioner. I was at hospital with DH when questioner phoned saying...
  8. Skamokawa

    How High's The Water Mama?

    Came home at noon to find my way to the house blocked by water! Neighbor moved the cars, and the house and apartment are well above the flood levels. Our neighbor gave me a canoe ride to my steps so I didn't even have to get my feet wet! Just heard from the guests for today. They're up for...
  9. Skamokawa

    New TA award certificate

    Is this new? We just got a Service Excellence award announcement in email this AM. Not heard of this one or have I seen it anywhere.
  10. Skamokawa

    Its A Sign

    Just installed new sign today. The brick planter has been done for years. Just never ordered and installed sign until this year. Doh!
  11. Skamokawa

    A More like expected Air Experience

    Some of you know that recently we had an Air guest book with us then cancel. She explained that she had double booked and had to back out of her visit with us. I replied no problem, and told her about some local attractions she shouldn't miss. She replied saying she liked my note so much she...
  12. Skamokawa

    Took the plunge on Air

    Listed the small room on the air site. Our vacation rental is occupied until mid April. All the other B&Bs in the area have one or more rooms listed there, so time to give it a whirl. Listing is visible under my name here in WA plus private room. Priced to accommodate taxes so higher than...
  13. Skamokawa

    We get a local radio interview

    Twin Gables (especially the kitchen) will be the subject of Food Talk, on our local public community radio on Dec 1. We get a half hour! I'll post a link to the podcast after it airs.
  14. Skamokawa

    How do you serve hot cereal?

    Small group (3) here for a Road Scholar 5 night stay. One of the three: Egg whites only, no pork, no sausage of any kind. Prefers not much bread. Hot cereal OK. I try to keep the breakfasts looking at least similar for all. This group (plus guide comes for breakfast also) got hot cereal this...
  15. Skamokawa

    Singling Out the Doilies in Port Townsend, WA

    Sheesh. http://crosscut.com/2014/06/26/mossback/120683/port-townsend-victorian-mansion-bed-breakfast-park/
  16. Skamokawa

    House History Detectives

    Our current guests are descendents of the original builder. One of them has kindly allowed me to copy photos and the printed family history they have with them for a reunion taking place this weekend. I am in seventh heaven! They found us after we re-named the rooms for the daughters of the...
  17. Skamokawa

    Upgrade led to new booking

    Three-dayers. Upgraded them at no extra charge to better room since no one else had it booked. They just booked the room they upgraded to for next year.
  18. Skamokawa

    Happy with these no-iron sheets

    Sears Country Home. I've been using 4 sets purchased last year four our two-room B&B. There are days when I really DONT have to iron, not even the pillow cases. Most days a quick touch up of first 12 inches of top sheet and a quick pillowcase iron. I try to retrieve them from the dryer as...
  19. Skamokawa

    Res Key booking page editing advice needed

    First Love Res Key. But since migrating there telephone calls and emails about booking have increased. People think they've booked, but don't get confirmations, so they phone or email. I've tried to edit, but somehow can't get both rooms to come up at the same time on the booking page. I know...
  20. Skamokawa

    Makeover near finished feedback wanted

    After a major overhaul of our site, the developer has let me loose to finish tweaking photos and copy. Our internet speed is so slow today that the server host will no longer let me in until I'm re-authorized. The good thing is that means I'm done for the night. The not-so-good-thing...I...