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  1. Lee2014

    You say you are B and B?

    Well we found out from our inspector that someone hired a company out of state to track down the airs in this certain town. They are going to court on back taxes and no permits to run bnbs. The next town over just got on the wagon too. Thought you would like to know.
  2. Lee2014

    RezOvation and Webervation

    Just heard through The B&B Team that RexOvation and Webervation are closing up the accounts that haven't upgraded on Feb 28th. I thought I would mention it in case someone has been putting it off, etc. After Feb 28th you will no longer have access to your account or any information, etc.
  3. Lee2014

    Innkeeper Seminar

    I went to The B&B Team Aspiring Innkeeper Seminar by Eliot Dalton. Never too late to attend. There were people from every walk of life in innkeeping from just got thinking maybe we could do this, let check this out to veteran of innkeeping. I learned a lot and its a relaxing fun experience...
  4. Lee2014

    Going back to square one...

    So I'm doing things backwards. I'm going to an aspiring innkeepers seminar with The B&B Team! Yeah I know. Five years too late. I'm sure the instructor will be pulling out his hair over all my mistakes, etc. So you can think and pray for him as he tries to retrain me the correct way and...
  5. Lee2014

    Anyone heard from Happy?

    Just heard what is happening in their world... sending up thoughts and prayers.
  6. Lee2014

    Remodel project

    We pulled everything out of a guest room. Then we painted the ceiling, walls, and woodwork, added bigger molding trim to the ceiling (a new skill!!!), and refinished the wooden floors. Friday we moved the furniture back into the room after three months. (We usually don't get much business...
  7. Lee2014

    Scam Alert

    We just got a call today from a lady said she was from Gateway Connection and she said that we owed them $649. Claimed that the owner (93 year old who doesn't speak on the phone) signed up for a free year (2015) and now we owe for the following year (2016). And do we want to renew (another...
  8. Lee2014

    North East Storm

    So how are all of you doing during this storm? Wishing you all the best. Hang in there!
  9. Lee2014

    I Found It!

    So yesterday we started pulling out boxes and going through stuff that has sat in storage for years. In the evening I took books off the bookcase in the storage and packed them up to give to a thrift store. I found books that I thought was interesting so I put them aside. Later I was looking...
  10. Lee2014

    Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!!!!!!

    Here to a wonderful 2017 to all of us. May this be the best year yet!
  11. Lee2014

    What are they saying?

    Google your place every month or so. Try different devices, etc. I usually find three to five places a year that has wrong info of our place. Today I saw someplace claim we had a restaurant and served dinner….Not! Last time TA claimed we were a full fledged hotel which explains the last...
  12. Lee2014

    Review Games...

    Okay. So we just got another review through Square. What does that do for us? I looked it up but only got reviews about Square. So what good does it do for our guests to write us a review besides we get an email and find out they were happy…. Then I saw in my search TA listed. In the...
  13. Lee2014

    Innkeepers on the loose!

    Just wanted to remind us to keep them in our thoughts and prayers as our fellow inn-mates are traveling the world. (I think there are at least seven of them on the loose right now.) They are soaring on cloud nine, sorry I can't be specific on who, what, where, and how. Though the ones that...
  14. Lee2014

    This is what a morning off looks like...

    My Mom came to visit. She brought me a gift, a Fitbit. So she got me up early today on a day I could sleep in to go for a walk by the ocean. So we went for a stroll along the cliffs. A stroll since I don't walk as fast as she so it couldn't be called a walk… I was ready to get off at the...
  15. Lee2014

    Somebody loves you! Who?

    Somebody loves you! Who?
  16. Lee2014

    Happy Couple!

    I just gave a tour of the house to a couple. The wife was living here while going to college. She walked down the stairs to her blind date (double date) and that's how they met 51 years ago! The rest is history! Another story to add to our collection. We can add matchmaker to what the house...
  17. Lee2014

    Generic! Your half eye is back!!!!!!!!!

    Rejoicing with you!
  18. Lee2014

    Do it your own way….

    So this lady called looking for a certain room for one night. Me: I can give you that room for $200. Her: Well, I have a picture here of the room and the price is $175! Can you give it to me for that? Me: Sorry, I can give it to you for $200. The $175 is the winter rate. Her...
  19. Lee2014

    Midnight pool party

    My Grandpa used to have problems with naked drunks jumping the fence in the middle of the night to swim in the pool. So he installed a motion sensor flood light over the pool and it stopped the problem. Well, the light went the weekend we had the pipes freeze and it was at the bottom of our...
  20. Lee2014

    Has anyone heard from

    Happykeeper? Kay Nein? I was just thinking of them and realized I haven't seen their names on the side or saw any posts from them in a good while….