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  1. dumitru

    Avada Theme Version 5.1.5 Patches Stored XSS and CSRF Vulnerabilities

    I know that Avada has been mentioned here often, so probably somebody might be even using it. In this case, it is important that you read this: https://wptavern.com/avada-theme-version-5-1-5-patches-stored-xss-and-csrf-vulnerabilities
  2. dumitru

    Do you advertise/market your green initiatives?

    Hi all, I think 2017 will be a year with a lot of focus on the environment and green initiatives, even though USA's next president is a climate change denier. The society and the scientific community could try and counter-act by doing more for the environment. DiCaprio's NatGeo documentary could...
  3. dumitru

    What's the thing you want to hear in reviews?

    Hi folks, Just got an idea for a topic after reading this one: https://www.innspiring.com/node/18261 So here it goes: when customers leave a review on websites, what are the things that you would like to be mentioned? Is there something that people usually avoid mentioning but you would love to...
  4. dumitru

    Have you tried using Facebook Retargeting/Remarketing?

    Hi folks, Yesterday I have published an article on the topic of Facebook Retargeting(Remarketing) using the provided free tools. Have you tried it out? From the looks of it, it should work really nice for the hospitality business and help build some loyalty. In short: Retargeting is the process...
  5. dumitru

    What's your number 1 advice about innkeeping? Share please :)

    Hello people, Currently I'm working on an extensive article about starting a B&B and things that this involves. It would be amazing if some of you would like to share some info about your experience, a small tip/advice, maybe a weird story that surprised you. Something about starting, things you...
  6. dumitru

    Question for the Americans :)

    Hi all, Just a quick question for the American members here: is it legal to transport wine across state lines? For example I'm coming from Portland to Austin, Texas by car or plane - am I allowed to just grab 2-3 bottles of wine from Portland and take them with me? Is there any major law that...
  7. dumitru

    How much are you into wine?

    Hi people, Just wanted to pick your brains a little... Sorry for "using" you like this :) So, 3 questions: 1. How much/often do you drink wine? 2. How would you score your knowledge about wine? Do you know your stuff, or do you just drink whatever is in the glass, and all you know is red...
  8. dumitru

    Two Hotel Photography articles for your inspiration

    I see that photography is a popular topic around here, so if you don't mind me sharing 2 recently-published articles, both with input and advice from pros: 1. Photography Tips for Taking Better Hotel Interior and Architecture Photos 2. Hotel Photography Tips and Tricks from Professional...
  9. dumitru

    Beware of the Malware 100% SCAM from HostGator & SiteLock

    OK, so I decided to share this amazingly frustrating and infuriating experience that I'm going through right now with HostGator, a hosting provider. Some of you might be their customers. It is a longer read, but what happens is actually frightening. So here's the deal. I've been a HostGator...
  10. dumitru

    Do you have a press (media) kit on your website?

    I wonder how many of you (especially in the US) actually provide press kits (press packages) to your visitors and any interested parties. To simplify, a press package is like a brochure, minus all the fancy talk. Facts, figures and photos. You might find this interesting (if I'm crossing the...
  11. dumitru

    What do you expect from a family business?

    Do you get a positive or negative change of attitude towards a business when you find out it is family-owner and/or family-run? For example your stationery supplier, the printing company or anyone else. Would you rather do business with a family business or you trust the bigger guys more? I...
  12. dumitru

    Who visits your website and when?

    Hi guys, When was the last time you checked the "Screen Resolution" stat from Google Analytics for your website? Go into G Analytics > Reporting > Audience > Technology > Browser & OS and select the "Screen Resolution" primary dimension. I was thinking now about redesigning one of my older...
  13. dumitru

    Real Paintings as Gifts - Good/Bad Idea?

    Hello people, I just came up with an idea and wanted to run it by you amazing people :) So I have an artist friend from Austin, Texas who is over 40 right now. For many many years he wanted to dedicate himself to painting but never got the chance to. So he started just recently doing this...
  14. dumitru

    Google's Mobile-Friendly Update: Did it Affect You?

    Hi guys, So there has been some hype and panic around Google's mobile-friendly update (21/04/2015), and now that a week has passed since these algo changes have started rolling out, let's count our chickens. Have you noticed (in Google Analytics) an increase in mobile traffic? And while on the...
  15. dumitru

    Do you measure your website performance and search engine rankings?

    Hello people, I'm going to take a chance and share an article that I published yesterday about different tools and services that help analyze and monitor a website's performance. Most of these tools are free and easy to use, some of you might have used them in the past, but I really consider...
  16. dumitru

    Is your website available in multiple languages?

    Hi people, How many of you have your websites available in multiple languages? Do you have a statistic of where your customers are coming from, and if a good % of them don't use English as their native language? I'm pretty sure that it is beneficial to have your website translated (especially...
  17. dumitru

    South Park's Take on Gluten

    Hey all, So yesterday's episode of South Park (Season 18, Episode 2) was all about gluten. I'm sure many of you are fans of gluten, so maybe check it out :)
  18. dumitru

    What do you have on your walls?

    Hi gang, After 3 weeks on the road with the wife, we started looking more carefully at the walls of the places that we stay at. So, a couple of questions: 1. What do you hang on your walls? - Real paintings (as in: originals) - Prints of paintings (as in: digital replicas) - Photos - Animal...
  19. dumitru

    Free-ish Marketing via Popular Travel Blogs

    Hi all, A new question for today: would you exchange 1-2 nights of free stay at your place in exchange for an article on a popular travel website/blog? If you get a review of your hotel, a backlink to your website, some photos and maybe even a positive review on TripAdvisor, would you do it? Of...
  20. dumitru

    Do you link to TripAdvisor from your website?

    Hey guys, Quick question: do you link to your TripAdvisor profile from your websites? Are you comfortable with redirecting your hard-earned visitors from your website? Or do you prefer copy/pasting selected reviews from TA onto a page of your own? P.S. TA Reviews are mostly used for social...