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  1. Happy Harpie

    A much needed REST

    We had a most wonderful season this year and closed up shop last weekend for the Winter. We are situated in a tiny village on the shores of Georgian Bay, yet 70% of our clientele come from overseas. Headed South on a much needed break. Anyone out there near Lexington Ky, who wishes to rent us...
  2. Happy Harpie

    A giggle and laugh among the hectic!

    We had a break last night and were sitting on the patio sipping on a glass of wine when my wife said. Running a B&B is just like the Movie "Ground Hog Day". Same thing day in and day out. That was when the wine squirted out of nose! She's a keeper!
  3. Happy Harpie

    B&B for Vets - Canada

    Top of the Morning Folks; With the caring and support of the countless USA B&Bs and seeing that this undertaking was such a tremendous success, I have contacted BBCanada.com (who have graciously accepted to spearhead this intitiative). Ergo, we are pleased to announce that in the very near...
  4. Happy Harpie


    Hey Folks; My wife and I will be shutting down the B&B for a month. We will be celebrating our 40th Anniversary and are going on a 14 day Caribbean Cruise out of Fort Lauderdale. We would like to stay with Innspiring B&Bs along the way. It normally is a 28 hour drive from our house to the...
  5. Happy Harpie

    Discoloured Towels, Pillow Cases and Sheets

    Greetings all; Hope everyone survived the 4th July weekend. Has anyone ever had their towels, pillow cases and sheets discoloured due to make-up or facial cream, etc that a guest uses. This has happened last year and again twice in two weeks. It gets rather expensive, as you can' t reuse them...
  6. Happy Harpie

    Happy 4th July from your inn compatriots North of the border

    Happy 4th of July folks - Party Hardy, but Stay Safe! Harry and Carol
  7. Happy Harpie

    Guests who require "noise" to sleep

    Last week we had a young couple stay with us for 2 nights. We have a beautiful ceiling fan in each room, however, she asked for a table model, as she needed the sound of the whirring fan to help her sleep. We thought, hmmm that's a first. Lo and behold another couple asked for the same thing...
  8. Happy Harpie

    Google Translate

    Hey folks; Not sure if many of you know about his, but I stumbled upon a Gem. It is called Google Translate and you download it onto your website and it almost instantly tranlates your entire website into the language of the prospective guests choice. My wife and I speak German and French...
  9. Happy Harpie

    Special Touches for Honeymooners

    We have the most lovliest couple staying with us for 3 nights on their Honeymoon. Last night we put a beautiful heart made of Rose Petals and a nice card on their bed. Can anyone suggest anything that we can do for them to make there stay a bit more special. They are out on a fishing...
  10. Happy Harpie

    Flax Seed Intolerance

    Greetings folk; I have never come across this one before and sure do need some advice. We have a couple coming for a 3-day Honeymoon and the groom is Flax seed (Flax products) intolerant. Ergo, he cannot eat eggs, as the chickens are normally fed with feed that contains flax. Most of our...
  11. Happy Harpie

    The Proverbial Bed Sheet Dilemma

    Hello All! My wife and I are at an impasse on when to change sheets on the bed for guests staying 3 nights or more. I am of the opinion that if they are staying no more than 3 nights, then the sheets should remain on the bed. I also don't have anything against the 4th night. My wife wants the...
  12. Happy Harpie

    Marketing Advice

    Greetings All! Thanks to all your suggestions and sound advice, we had a banner first year in business, which exceeded our expectations by 150%. That being said, it has slowed down considerably in the New Year and I was wondering what kind of marketing other B&Bs do to bring in the winter...