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    The Stupidest Questions You Hear...

    Just had a guy call this morning to book a room in June and wanted to ask if I new what time the sun would be rising so they would not be bothered by the sun in there face. I almost had to laugh out loud, but again maybe thats a good ?
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    What a day

    The little thingy that you pull up to get the shower going broke off. so had to replace the whole thing. But I got it fixed. Yes a better day coming .
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    What a day

    Send some my way. I need a good punch to make me laugh on this crazy day LOL By the way my couple just checked that showed up this morning early. and the first thing she said . I hope this is a safe neighborhood for us to walk. Again I smile and show them to there beautiful guest room while...
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    What a day

    Guest come down at 11:05 to checkout. ( Checkout time is 11:00 a.m keep in mind) The younger guy then hands me somthing and says it broke off while in the shower. How it broke off I have no idea since the bath shower is brand new this spring, but I just smile and say I will fix it later on an...
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    No show

    It happens to the best of us. I have learned to just let it go and move on. Even if you could run the card the ycan fight it and the credit card company do not want to lose the business so they will side with them. It is a long summer ahead and not worth the trouble. i believe in Carma :-)
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    Keeping up with TA

    Did you have to email or were you able to call via phone. I am trying to get a phone number from them
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    Keeping up with TA

    I am trying to get a phone Number contact for TA If anyone could pass that along to me that would be great
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    Silly season has begun

    My favorite for the day. What is the best you can do for this weekend ?. Did I mention it is the 4th of July Weekend ? I tell him the we are booked and most of the Inns/ B&B are all booked. Thats hard to believe and then hangs up.
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    Why do kids do this?

    Hi Morticia, Seems you know alot in the Inn business. I am looking for a commercial lender in our neck of the woods. Let me know if you know of any in the area. Thxs
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    Let the parking lot games begin

    Good Morning Morty I am lauging right now. I go thru the same thing. I watch guest park and I wonder what they are thinking or better yest where did they learn to drive and park. But you just smile and move on.
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    My day just went straight to he!! in a handbasket.

    Your nephews graduation is very important. Can you leave them a nice little note with key or door code and tell them you will see them in the morning. ?
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    Cultural Differences and how to approach them.

    I would agree with everyone else. They are adults and not bothering anyone. I have seen much worse and I just turn and look the other way.
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    Would like your opinion

    I am at my wits end on this one. I had a new Inn sign made . Not even 2 years old yet . and NOT CHEAP. A few months agao I noticed that it was starting to peel at the top so I called the guy who made the sign for me. And got the same story with the bad weather he would fix asap. Well I get a...
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    Do you believe in omens?

    Follow your heart and your gut feeling and all will fall into place. Best of luck
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    Wind me up first thing in the morning...

    My heart goes out to you on that one. I seem to think I am pretty laid back however I lose it when someone intrudes into my living quarters. ( MY HOME )
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    Life Changing Decision

    The first thing I would do is get a new and fresh website with alot of key words so you can be found. I seem to get alot of hits from bedandbreakfast.com If your funds can help out I suggest an online reservations system try to get your Inn on tripadvisor.com Get alot of hits from that also...
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    Trip Advisor - referrals

    I do have a link from TA to my site, however It is hard to find out if it works or not. When you ask guest they just say they found me on the web or TA so not for sure if they clicked on the link or not.
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    Just a few requirements - for a 1-night

    I would have hit that delete button so fast your head would spin LOL A` one nighter is not worth the trouble. After what all you ask for a week stay would have been tough. A big red flag on that one
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    Question about phrasing

    Hi Mort I would not even bring it up , unless a guest brought it up. Then I would say. yes that room does have a tv or No that room does not have a tv. I would not even make a issue out of it. Way to much to do than sit in the room and watch . These days who wants to watch the news anyway LOL...
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    "Confessions of a Bed and Breakfast Diva" tells the real story behind running a B&B

    I am a flight attendant and own a B&B , so I always thought it would be fun writing a book on what I see on Planes to what I see at the Inn. But of course when do I have the time. If I am not flying around I am working the Inn. Friends always say. You fly around all day in a metal tube and then...