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  1. Weaver

    Boomers represent an untapped niche market

    Been trying to do that for 2 years, I get only so far then I panic and run to the CVS and an hour later I feel much better. Some day I will do it. It isn't the Silver that bugs me, it is the look during the process. May have to spend the big bucks and let a pro figure it out. Naw, I'm cheap!
  2. Weaver

    Sharpie Mugs

    BD is right the bleach will take it right off, but if you use a porcelain pen and then bake, it works much better and is dw and bleach resistant.
  3. Weaver

    Key Fobs

    If you get leather needles or a super heavy needle and go very slowly you should be fine. The other trick is using a heavy duty thread. The needle may punch through but if the thread isn't strong enough and the bore of the needle large enough to allow the thread to pass without straining it...
  4. Weaver

    Service Included - book club

    Service Included? - Will leave tomorrow!
  5. Weaver

    Service Included - book club

    Service Included is now ready to move on to whom ever is interested. Just got it from Cambs and read it cover to cover last night. Email me and I will send it right along.
  6. Weaver

    Consumer Perception of Discounts

    In my previous life costs of parts/fluids would change based on external factors - gas went up so did the cost of an oil change. We raised the cost of an oil change to cover these costs and basically did it as a lost leader - no real profit - a hook to get them in so we could see what else the...
  7. Weaver

    Statistics Unmast Phony Online Reviews

    Here is my take on this, B n Bs are personal, the guests know who you are, hotels are just employees. People love to say something bad - human nature. Because of the high level of service everyone here and for the most part all B n B owners/inn keepers strive for, the nature of the review(s)...
  8. Weaver

    Statistics Unmast Phony Online Reviews

    " Furthermore, he says, if a purchase generally meets expectations, the buyer is usually less moved to write a review than if the experience was extremely positive or extremely negative. " In other words the extremes write the most reviews in his opinion
  9. Weaver

    No fiber

    There is a pretty rare one out there, and for the life of me can't find it now, but I was just tested for it, there is an enzyme in fruit and most non root vegetables that interacts with gluten and causes severe allergic reactions from hives to stomach and intesinal issues all the way to "get...
  10. Weaver

    What do you think...

    Very cute - one as a fruit course, two as a main course with a side of something.
  11. Weaver

    No fiber

    You could do a flourless latke, shredded potatoes, a little beaten egg, some chives, salt and pepper. If you do them small like the size of silver dollar pancakes they could be super fancy with a chive sprig or chive flower, a dolop of sour cream or creme fraise or even apple sauce for those...
  12. Weaver

    No fiber

    When you say no fruits do you mean whole? or no juice or fruit flavoring either?
  13. Weaver

    What is the cure for a swelled head?

    And you deserve it, "swelled heads" come from hard work. Only known cure is a PITA, may the cure be far far away!
  14. Weaver

    The High Five

    What a fine reminder that life is short, it isn't always who we think that may influence our children, and it is never too late to say congratulations, job well done, thank you, or any of a thousand things we think and feel, yet fail to express. Congrats on the Family Day, how nice your...
  15. Weaver

    About our inn June 14, 2012

    Sweet and very nice! Congrats.
  16. Weaver

    We need an 'Open Table' system for inns!

    How smart would you look when Mr and Mrs So and so neglected to tell you they are dairy free and you had a nice dairy free breakfast all ready for them. And JB's Mr Smug, well Maddie you wouldn't have to deal with him tomorrow or next century. If it could tie into a rez system so you would be...
  17. Weaver

    The Smug

    Yep, it is not your fault you don't know everything. Those customers I spoke of were few and far between, and always first time customers. Once they figured out the woman behind the counter knew a ton more than they did, and they weren't getting any special deals by going around her, they...
  18. Weaver

    Vanilla Lemonade

    OK I made it, and it is AWESOME!!!!!! AND it is GONE. made a half recipe, and kids each had some, then each took a big travel mug to work. Best lemonade I have had in a long time, maybe ever! Next time I am trying it with fruit studded ice cubes, and I will take pics before the taste testers...
  19. Weaver

    New Food Pics

    Not trying to Hijack anything but I saw this and was just appauled by this photo. This shouldn't happen at a place charging $695 a night! I know it is a blossom from some type of bottle brush bush/tree but it sure looks like steam/smoke coming out of the transom window.