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  1. Innkeep

    7 days and counting

    My biggest wish has so far been granted. I wanted to retire before I burned out. People may wonder what I’ll do with all my spare time, so early on I volunteered to work at a local elementary school. Our school system is so messed up financially and academically that it was taken over by the...
  2. Innkeep

    CC machine paper rolls

    My credit processing company has also decided to change to a new system as I count down to retirement. So I switched to Square. I now have lots of 1 1/2” deep and 2 1/4 “ wide thermal paper. If you’d like it just let me know and I’ll send it all to anyone who wants it. You can email me through...
  3. Innkeep

    A comprehensive review of Air

    https://www.wired.com/story/inside-airbnbs-guerrilla-war-against-local-governments/ A comprehensive review of Airflophouse
  4. Innkeep

    Rezovations and Retirement

    So you old timers will know me well. The rest of you probably won’t get any useful info from this thread. When Air became a significant presence in my totally non tourist town with about 15 listings for < $60 a night, I decided it was probably time to think about retiring. I have to take Social...
  5. Innkeep

    Tenth Anniversary

    November 2007 my first guests were four Parisian animators who worked with Jim Davis on the Garfield Movie. I would have been nervous regardless, but four Frenchmen and an old maid (me) was quite an initiation. They had found out that they were my first guests, and brought me a lovely box of...
  6. Innkeep

    Partial Solar Eclipse

    I've been hearing about how apocalyptic some people think it will be in the path of the eclipse. Our library is having "eclipse parties" with solar telescopes and free eclipse glasses, and a televised stream from NASA, and we're over a hundred miles away from the path of totality. I decided to...
  7. Innkeep

    he detergent

    After 10 years I have worn out two washing machines. Both ended up leaking water onto the floor. Different brands and "top of the line". My complaint to the salesman was met with the response that the machines are now all wearing out in 5-7 years and that the basic no frills machines only last a...
  8. Innkeep

    Guest apparel

    Last weekend we had one couple on their honeymoon and two couples spending their wedding night. I got a chuckle with the tee shirt choice of one of the new grooms. Sunday morning at breakfast he arrived in a Superman shirt.
  9. Innkeep

    Do you recommend getting travel insurance on your website?

    Do you recommend getting travel insurance on your website?
  10. Innkeep

    Do you recommend a specific brand of travel insurance on your website when you do mention travel insurance.

    Do you recommend a specific brand of travel insurance on your website when you do mention travel insurance.
  11. Innkeep

    Here Comes Trouble

    I'm driving Tessie to Long Beach for the Annual Meeting of the Hospitality Professionals end of January. Will also drive up to San Francisco area to visit the Tesla Factory. If the weather permits I'll do one leg I-40 and another leg I-70. May be able to drive up the coast into Oregon...
  12. Innkeep

    Freezing Eggs?

    My egg supplier has a surplus of eggs right now. There seems to be some information that suggests separating and freezing raw eggs can be done. Anyone have any experience?
  13. Innkeep

    Travels with Tessie Start 5/12

    I have one couple here celebrating their anniversary tonight. Tomorrow I'll take off sometime in the afternoon and get as far as I can. Although those of you who know me pretty well will laugh, I am trying to do a blog of this trip. Will close up without a caretaker (yes, I have someone...
  14. Innkeep


    I guess Ye!p has now made it to the midwest. I had one review from 2013 so I sort of stopped checking the page. Got curious about my listing because I've been avoiding the Ye!p sales person whose called a couple of times this month. Low and behold I have two new reviews. In the same time...
  15. Innkeep

    My "new" website is almost ready to go live

    I have to laugh at myself. I'm the queen of procrastination, and now in year 9 of being an innkeeper (year 11 of being an Innmate) I am slowing down in most aspects of my life. Although last year was my busiest, it was accomplished without me trying (less marketing expenditures, for instance)...
  16. Innkeep

    Another Chip and PIN question

    Have had 2 different European credit cards since I changed to a chip-reading machine. The first one did not require the PIN, but the second one did. Since my reader is in my office where it's plugged in to the computer, it's a MAJOR pain to get the card owner and the card reader in the same...
  17. Innkeep

    Thinking of Generic

    I host 4 Parisians once or twice a year. They were my very first B&B guests back in 2007. This was their gift to me this evening. Somehow I suspect ones from Generic's kitchen would taste better, but I'm happy all the same. I have wall calendars with photos of "Beautiful America" and...
  18. Innkeep

    Happy Birthday To Gillum House

    Have a great day
  19. Innkeep

    Towel Rack Suggestion

    I don't know about the rest of you, but I hate hate hate towel racks because they're always trying to fall off the wall. I have progressed from mollies to toggle bolts to bigger toggle bolts to slabs of wood attached to the wall to screw the clips on. Today I had an epiphany. You know all of...
  20. Innkeep

    Who is now listed as a Tes la Destination

    I guess I'm just curious. I'd love to know how many Innmates end up doing the destination charging. Let's save this thread only for those who are participating, and how long it takes to get their first Tesla guest. Even on this thread, there are still advantages to being anonymous, but I would...