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  1. Aussie Innkeeper

    Lancaster, PA 5-suite Inn for Sale

  2. Aussie Innkeeper

    My place is for sale

    We've been on the market just over a year now. Have had several showings, a few 2nd showings and even 3rd. People seem to love our place, but for whatever reason, it's just not 'right' for them, or the timing doesn't work. We are still hopeful. If anyone out there is looking for a flexible...
  3. Aussie Innkeeper

    Lancaster B&B for sale

    Successful, competitively priced, spacious & private owners' quarters, in-law apartment, very flexible space. Truly turn key. Natural gas boiler only 3 years old. water-proofed basement space. Wine cellar. https://matrix.brightmls.com/matrix/shared/hjWnCb4d7j/837VillageROAD
  4. Aussie Innkeeper

    The innkeepers in Missouri

    Does anyone know what happened to the Innkeepers in Missouri who were sued by a neighboring (I use that word loosely) B&B/Restaurant? She posted on the Innkeepers FB page over a week ago and I've heard nothing since.
  5. Aussie Innkeeper

    Price Point Advice

    Good afternoon! I'm looking for some advice on whether or not to change the price of one room. I have 5 rooms; 3 different price points and all priced higher on weekends. All rooms have private bath with shower, fireplace and a/c, flat screen TVs with WiFi and dvd. All rooms have identical...
  6. Aussie Innkeeper

    mattress construction

    Does anyone know why mattress manufacturers don't put handles on the sides of the mattresses any more? Does it have something to do with the fact that most are pillow-tops so you can't 'flip' them? I'm just curious. Getting two new mattresses tomorrow so we took the old ones off in preparation...
  7. Aussie Innkeeper

    Quick Breads

    I like to make quick breads - you know, like zucchini, orange/cranberry, blueberry/lemon and the like (no yeast involved). But lately, I've noticed that they are very done around the perimeter and still doughy in the middle. Anyone have any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong?? It...
  8. Aussie Innkeeper

    "We love B&B's" does not necessarily translate...

    ..to "we are good B&B guests"!! Checked guests in yesterday afternoon. Guy by himself says he will be picking up his wife later at the airport (he was already in the area on business). He states that they stay at B&B's a lot, all over the country. Always a little concerned when guy checks in by...
  9. Aussie Innkeeper

    I'm at it again

    I've entered another contest, this one sponsored by FedEx. I know I have a snowball's chance in hell of winning, but who knows. You can vote once per day. I'm the only B&B in the contest. http://smallbusinessgrant.fedex.com/Gallery/Detail/14266c44-8b63-4c8f-b781-eda14b77be01
  10. Aussie Innkeeper

    I earned my week off (warning - long)

    No guests for this upcoming week as we are having some floors refinished. I was so looking forward to this, a few days off, but had no idea what kind of weekend from hell I was going to have to endure before I got to Sunday afternoon. It started Friday evening about 6:30. I only had two...
  11. Aussie Innkeeper

    Ironic Recipe Ingredients

    I just reviewed this recipe that's on our little website here. I know the innkeeper so I'm not trying to be disparaging or anything. However I do find it kind of funny that the recipe calls for a whole vanilla bean and then gives an option for a different kind of rice to use since 'Aborio can be...
  12. Aussie Innkeeper

    You Just Might Be an Innkeeper If...

    I recall a discussion or thread on this from somewhere, but cannot seem to find it. "You Just Might Be an Innkeeper If..." and there were a bunch of very funny anecdotes that followed. The reason I'm looking for this is because I have to give a speech when I'm presented with the local chapter...
  13. Aussie Innkeeper

    Today is (supposed to be) THE Day!

    Thanks again for those who voted for me for the SCORE/Sam's Club American Small Business Championship. According to their website, today was to be the day that they let us know who won. I've been informed that we might not find out until NEXT Friday. Grrrr!!
  14. Aussie Innkeeper

    OH, I'm PEEVED!

    To spur a little extra business during the winter, beginning of the year months, I usually offer a BOGO special - 'Buy one night, get the 2nd night for $20.16' (last year it was $20.15). I picked up this little gimmick from the local restaurant week. I've been surprised that I get more traffic...
  15. Aussie Innkeeper

    Spare a Minute?

    Good morning, everyone! I've been working with SCORE (it's an association that helps small businesses) for about a year now. My SCORE mentor told me about a contest sponsored by SCORE and Sam's Club. It's an essay contest of sorts, but 15% of the overall rating that you get comes from votes you...
  16. Aussie Innkeeper

    It's a SALE

    The annual PA Innkeepers' Conference is next month - November 3-5, at the Ramada Conference Center in State College, PA. Here's a link: http://www.painns.com/conference-2015 If you register TODAY, you can get the early bird special rate of $159. This conference is NOT limited to Pennsylvania...
  17. Aussie Innkeeper

    1st Time in 8 Years I've locked the linen closet

    Guests check in around 7:30 last night. Say they were here a couple of years ago, but I do not remember them. Anyway, they go out for a bite to eat. I go to bed around 10. At 11:15 I'm awakened by my cell phone ringing. "Can we please have some other sheets? These are dirty" WHAT!? I just put...
  18. Aussie Innkeeper

    would you?

    I'm on one of those FB groups for innkeepers. An innkeeper just posted that she need some help with a situation. Apparently she has some guests in a room that are making full use of the room and she has sent them a text and an e-mail and has asked them to leave because they might be disturbing...
  19. Aussie Innkeeper

    A question about the numbers game

    So, when you're tallying up your numbers each month, do you include the rooms you might have 'given away' in your total? For instance, earlier in the spring, I had a Facebook contest and the prize was a free night's stay. I figured I give enough rooms away for other peoples' good causes and...
  20. Aussie Innkeeper

    Make them STOP!

    Someone tell me what the heck is going on! I've gotten no fewer than a DOZEN 'robo'-type calls today. You know the ones, the caller ID says City, State and there's no one there. Do you get these? Have they become more frequent as of late? We would get a couple a day and then they stopped...