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    In our first year, we had a guest book via an OTA. She expressed to us she loved her stay including breakfast and would stay again, which she did. On her OTA review, we received all 10's except for one 1 for "restaurant". I was thinking maybe it was a mistake based on her review comments and I...
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    New TripAdvisor policies?

    Thanks for the comments and insight. With the TA concern / change, I found a few other sites where our property is listed without our agreement. One is owned by a major OTA that we do not use, others seem to be independent and pull from our website, or from the one OTA we do use, and one is...
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    New TripAdvisor policies?

    For the TA T&C, I think I inadvertently accepted it trying to bypass it. I can't find any way to email them other than a list of concerns that aren't related. I found a general phone number 781-800-5000 for TA on a press release. I haven't tried it yet.
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    New TripAdvisor policies?

    After doing a search on our property yesterday, I found us listed on several websites and OTA's that we are not partnered with. I get it for the one we do partner with (Xpdia) has many affiliates, but the other major OTA is listing us (Bking) and then connecting to the affiliates of the one we...
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    New TripAdvisor policies?

    On my intial log in from the email, a T&C agreement window popped up for acceptance. I don't recall a decline button, but it may have been there. Xped. also sent a new T&C in Jan. Even without accepting, in 30 days you are auto opted in.
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    Hello from an aspiring innkeeper!

    A suggestion to check out the codes for each town you might be considering. They vary and some are more restrictive than others.
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    Reservation systems...

    We have ResNexus and generally like it. Their customer service is very good. Maybe keep in mind or compare the cost to connect to OTA's in the overall price comparison. I would recommend it. Some reports are good, some still need work, and they update features about once every other month.
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    All lodging shut down

    We are in the same situation. You may know about it but there is a Maine Tourism Relief Fund. Applications open tomorrow (4/15). It's not much and may have too many apply so it would be a lottery for who gets it.
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    All lodging shut down

    I think it was a clarification by the commissioner yesterday that May reservations were ok to take before, but it came with a caveat that the current restriction could be extended. We decided to block out into June for now. Like you, no new res coming in at all.
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    We try to purchase locally as much as we can and chose a local roaster who offers certified organic and fair trade products. We chose from several samples a regular and decaf coffee we liked, which the guest like too!
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    Resort fees

    Agree! We recently stayed at a resort, billed as a 4 star, and they charged a "housekeeping fee" of $29 per day. Two of the four day stay, we had to call to have the room refreshed. I did see recently the OTA's are "penalizing" hotels with fees like this and should include them in the room...
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    Fake review email

    Thanks for the tip and posting this.
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    Looking for input on resnexus

    We use ResNexus and are generally happy with it. There are few reports and features or functionality we would like added, corrected or changed. Service is great and monthly webinars are informative. Whoever you decide to develop your website, if it is the reservation company or an outside...
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    Beware FB

    Thanks for the post! Somewhat similar, I received an email today, supposedly from FB stating our FB business page was flagged for policy violations. The email had a few links to follow, of course, I didn't click on them. I did contact FB who showed me where to see the emails they have sent to...
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    Google Direct Book - Anyone Signing Up?

    Thanks for the thread. I reguarly check our Google business page and again after I received an message someone updated the page (they added photos). I too noticed the things like "'do not rent cars" and others that don't apply. I have updated several times and changes are not accepted, even...
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    We use Innstyle and like the selection and service.
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    Migrating reservation system - what did I forget?

    If you use Google Analytics for your website, some information shows where users are coming from and might help remind you of some other sites you may have listed on. Otherwise, maybe check on some local or state websites like a tourism association if you put a link there or sites like...
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    RezOvation and Webervation

    Hopefully anyone using these has upgraded on moved to another platform by now. The end date in the email from the company that purchased these products is 2/15/19. -- Update- Another email today confirms your end date of 2/28. They keep moving it, but we have moved on.
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    Shutdown Blues

    We go on vacation once or twice this time of year during our slow season. I can only assume there are other people like me who have put off booking a trip because of the shutdown, especially if going by air.
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    Trivago listing

    I occasionally peruse different OTA sites to see how our inn is being listed (most owned by Expedia, of course) and noticed on Trivago a rating the didn't correspond to ratings or reviews I have seen on many sites. They provided scores on some things that guests never mentioned in a review or...