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    Hawley B&B closed

    Just wanted everyone to know that I have closed the B&B. The city decided I had to put in sprinklers and electrical fire system. With 1 room and 2 suites, it would never pay for itself, even if I opened the last suite. So decided to close and use the large house as our personal residence, at...
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    University is outsourcing preferred lodging

    Yellowsocks has a deal. Her college gladly links to her bnb for free. Uof NE is using a directory that is doing many major universities. They charge $100 a month for hotels and motels and BNB's with 5 rooms or less are $25 a month. I felt like I had to sign up because I am just 2 blocks from...
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    Equipment breakdown

    This morning we ran out of hot water. The water heater is out. It is less than 4 years old. It is an energy effecient that vents out the wall like furnaces. Company that put it in, my husband called, he was put on hold for 10 minutes and then he finally hung up. Called the company they use at...
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    Another suite open

    The first week of June I opened another suite. Don't have pictures yet and need to update my web site to make the pictures for each suite. This one is about 1200 sq. ft., 2 bedroom, living room, sun room, mini kitchen with small eating area and bathroom. The kitchen I have stocked with a water...