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  1. JerseyBoy

    This is for any inns located in NJ

    I received a copy of new sanitization protocols from the state of NJ for hotels. I am wondering if any other NJ inns received this and if so, does this apply to inns? In particular there is one section which stipulates any occupied guest room must be cleaned, sanitized, and have towels and...
  2. JerseyBoy

    Airbnb situation in NJ

    This is primarily for innkeepers in NJ. Recently 2 bills were proposed in the NJ legislature dealing with transient room rentals (i.e Airbnb type rentals). Bill A4441: Requires licensing and regulation of space for accommodation of transient guests. Bill A4587: Imposes State sales and...
  3. JerseyBoy

    Is anyone successfully using yield management/revenue management

    I am wondering if any folks on the forum have been using revenue management techniques and if they have what types of things have you been doing and are you able to see a defined benefit? I am looking at things such as: 1. rate adjustments either up or down base on current occupancy 2. rate...
  4. JerseyBoy

    I was very happy to learn about this forum

    After being in the business for 14 years I can't believe I had never heard about this forum. Another innkeeper mentioned it to me recently and I was very happy to join. I look forward to learning and interacting with you all.