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  1. SarahC

    Whip it, whip it good

    I've gotten a lot of recipe inspiration from asking the guests for requests/preferences. Usually repeat guests, or those celebrating an anniversary or birthday.(COVID's slowed us down to the point where I often only have one room at a time, so I can do that right now- certainly wouldn't try it...
  2. SarahC

    Guests being generous

    People have been incredibly gracious, both with our limitations and their tipping. $10-$20 is the norm, but I had a regular hand me $50 the other day. I can usually tell when a guest is going to tip when they ask A.) if I own the place(no, I just manage it) and B.) when they ask if I'm working...
  3. SarahC

    "What about my peanut allergy?!"

    We ask at the time of booking if there are any dietary restrictions, and that usually does the trick. As an added measure(and for business-travel guests, who often haven't booked themselves) I give an overview of the breakfast menu during check-in. Haven't had any issues so far.