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  1. alias annie

    I don't allow pets, but...

    This is what we have on our confirmation among the other policies. We rarely get a guest who wants to claim a service animal... the last one was 2 years ago and it turned out to be a puppy... grrrrrrr Service Animals Please let the innkeeper know when booking your reservation that a service...
  2. alias annie

    Future Inn Keeper Seminar

    We went to their class and were very happy about attending... that was 14 years ago.
  3. alias annie

    My New Desk!!

    looking good!
  4. alias annie

    Virtual Assistant

    You may want to consider interning or working with an Innsitting business... It would give you the additional experience to your past hospitality work to get a better feel if owning a bed and breakfast is for you. I have thought about getting a VA but like the other posts, all of our admin work...
  5. alias annie


    People ask us, "Is this Inn haunted?" We reply - "would you like for it to be?" And then we quip all the ways we could make it that way, with sounds of chains, wearing sheets, etc. *However, while we have not experienced any paranormal activities, the past innkeeper said she have visitors...
  6. alias annie

    If I could start over...

    Our pricing has increased over the past 14 years since we bought this Inn. We take government guests, so we honor per diem rates, but have started charging for breakfast (those guests get a meal allowance on top of lodging). The past 2 years we have kept our rates where they are but before...
  7. alias annie

    What's Your Forecast for End of Year?

    very quiet in December, but that is typical for us.
  8. alias annie

    No Heat

    good outcome and just a service charge! Way to go! We replace our fuel oil furnace with a propane one in October... it's a space saver - goes on the wall of the cellar. The furnace needed to be replace several years ago, but just kept having it serviced and pampered it as long as we could...
  9. alias annie

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hubby wanted a fresh turkey - the smallest I could find for the two of us is 20#!!! we will have wonderful leftovers to pull from the freezer later! No pies, but I ordered a couple of Kringles from O&H Danish Bakery that my fork will find. We have two couples staying -...
  10. alias annie

    Time For A Raise!

    We haven't raised our rates, but are considering having our guests pay the credit card fees.
  11. alias annie

    Did I get kicked out of TA?

    We also put a link in our thank you email to guests for TA and Google. Some do, some don't
  12. alias annie

    Patience is wearing thin but I didn’t say what I wanted to say, so, so far, so good

    well, huband tested postive last Thursday for covid and I am presumptively positive. We are suspecting it was from a wedding party, but have no proof. The tracing process is very far behind so we have reached out to all guests from last week and this past week. We had guests staying with us, so...
  13. alias annie

    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    October for us is good even with the 24 hr between guests. I expect November will be too!
  14. alias annie

    Crazy guests

    We had a wonderful weekend with a 3 person Writing Retreat. Everyone practiced social distancing and they had a great time. Recipes are requested and reviews are glowing. I want more retreats like this one!
  15. alias annie

    Do You Have A Room For Tonight?

    I hate turning last minute guests away before 9 pm and because the rooms are resting for the 24 hours before cleaning. After that, it's easy to say: no room at the inn
  16. alias annie

    I am clueless - guest mentions they are on KETO diet

    After my mini vacay at Thanksgiving, I am going to have a much better attitude about the "I can't eat this" and "I don't like (fill in the blank)" Guests beware: this is one grumpy ol' innkeeper!
  17. alias annie

    Didn’t I see you with someone else yesterday?

    We had a guest stay who met up with his "girlfriend" here... that happens. but to go thru several at one time.. that takes the cake!
  18. alias annie

    Favorite fall breakfasts?

    Baked Pears, zucchini Frata, pumpkin everything!
  19. alias annie

    Would You Respond to this Email I Received Today?

    You can also check with your tourism or town hall.... they would probably know the scoop of an upcoming project
  20. alias annie


    This is on the confirmation, should the guest actually read it: "Guests and Non-Registered Guests: For everyone’s safety and consideration, only registered guests are permitted on the property unless permission has been obtained by the innkeepers. If you are planning activities that may include...