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  1. Cathy

    All guests on time for breakfast ;)

    Did you know that having an earthquake results in all guests showing up for breakfast on time? Just saying. :)
  2. Cathy

    Welcome everyone!

    I don't understand I am sure we are sitting around sippin coffee and eating all those left over breakfast muffins all afternoon coz after all, once breakfast is served what else is there to do? Sorry, here in Mexico we lie on the sunbeds by the pool. (Why don't we have a tan.?? - I myself...
  3. Cathy

    wow - recipes from trader joe s

    Thanks for sharing the link :)
  4. Cathy

    Eggciting Eggs...

    We would here, but only on November 1st and 2nd. Day of the Dead celebrations but would not for locals.
  5. Cathy

    Rainbow Parfait

    We also occassionally offer a parfait, assorted fresh berries (or berries and mango) with a mascarpone cheese (mixed with vanilla and honey) topped with a piece of almond crunch or home made granola. When I say offer I should say serve ... We don't offer choices. We serve 3 courses: fruit...
  6. Cathy

    Bath Linens to wipe cars, motor cycles, boots and shoes, makeup and foundation etc

    Most of you may not know me, been gone for a while. We have a B&B in central Mexico, celebrated our 6th year of business this year. We too had had the issue of floor towels used for shoes and hand towels being stained from make-up. We buy the package of cheap-ish face clothes from Costco and...
  7. Cathy

    Open seating...please hold my hand

    Aahhh that is true. Sorry didn't "understand" open seating. ooops. Thank you, we are doing well, and the good news is that we are working. I am going to try and return more often, I have thought about you all often. :) (Do I know you outside of here? Thanks for knowing about our award.)
  8. Cathy

    Open seating...please hold my hand

    We do this, but we ask what time they would like their breakfast served. We can have up to 10 people and each room/group pick their time. It works well for us unless they are on manana time, but that is just where we live. I like it, and it is the only way it would work in this culture. :)
  9. Cathy

    From Colorado to Mexico

    Just saw the part where you aren't quite sharing your location yet, so skip that question that I asked.
  10. Cathy

    From Colorado to Mexico

    Just had a note from a friend on FB who is also a member of this group. She asked me to return to help if I can. I am the one who has a B&B in Mexico. I am not however/sadly on or near a beach (yet). Where are you going to land JMJ? I am in Cuernavaca just outside of Mexico City. If I can...
  11. Cathy

    Robes, Jammies and Towels ...oh my!

    We get PJ's, tank tops, shorts (or are they boxers?), pool attire, and usually flip flops or sandals (rarely bare feet) .. but since we eat outside on the terrace it does feel more casual with a view of the garden/pool. Only once we had a bikini top (and skirt), but when she found no one else...
  12. Cathy

    Asking same question again, hoping for actual dollar amounts.

    Never mind, just read the thread about coming for dinner. Scratch this and we will keep suggesting they find a "garden" for their events. There are 100's of places here that rent out their gardens. I too would like to know about space only. We have had quite a few ask about our garden...
  13. Cathy

    Gracias. We have had fewer Great Kiskadees this year, the pattern of our wild parrots seems to have changed and they no longer hang out in the trees behind us ... but the Grackles are doing well as always. This will be an interesting site.
  14. Cathy

    Website Improvement for 2010

    We are getting a "new" webpage. We have been waiting for it for over a year. We have been promised this time for certain it will be ready by the end of January ... lol not holding our breath for fear of certain death. It promises to be wonderful and will now be in both languages. Does...
  15. Cathy

    "Perfect Guests Swindle Innkeepers" Boston Globe

    aahhhh yes and that would help if we were from the United States but we are not. Canadian and British. Tried the US bank account route but you need an address originally to get started. We have a Mexican and Canadian account and our guest prefer the PayPal route.
  16. Cathy

    "Perfect Guests Swindle Innkeepers" Boston Globe

    We have saved ourselves many headaches by using PayPal. We cannot use the usual credit card processing machines ... you really need to be here to see the red tape it takes to go through and it is just not only business it is our Immigrant Visa's as well. Before PayPal we had guests just not...
  17. Cathy


    true true ... and don't forget the heavy cream!! We had to stop eating the breakfasts we were serving guests. We were blaming the dryer for shrinking our clothes but ... it was a diet we needed instead. Cutting out our breakfasts made the difference and it has taken longer to take off the...
  18. Cathy

    "Perfect Guests Swindle Innkeepers" Boston Globe

    Does any one else use PayPal? That way guests can draw from a credit card or a bank account. We use PayPal for a manditory 50% deposit and the rest is paid in full in cash on check in. So far this system is working for us. Hope they don't come down this way as we have enough issues.
  19. Cathy


    I make scones pretty much every second day for dessert after breakfast. I will try and remember to add the extra baking powder and will let you know if it makes a huge difference. I found that the 1/2 cup instead of 1/4 cup of butter makes the difference for me.