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    Liquor License

    How much does having a liquor license add to your commercial business insurance rate per year?
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    ADR Calc

    10 rooms 1 King @ $135 4 Queens @ $125 4 Doubles @ $125 Total $1335 per night if all rooms sold. So...........ADR is $113.50, correct?
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    Financial Review

    I just got this from the place we are looking at. It is a foreclosed property (interesting back story - the banker involved in now in jail for bad loan). Source Nights Revenue ADR Walk-In Nights 1199 $13,460.44 $15.18 Phone...
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    Occupany Rate Calculations

    My wife and I are still working on finding the right place for us. A place has recently come up on the market that might work. Since I have not been focused on the B&B business, I need to refresh my mind on a question or two. Occupancy Rate = Total Nights Available * Number of rooms / Nights...
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    Breakfast Pudding Recipe

    I am looking for a breakfast pudding recipe. The version I recently tasted had Cream of Wheat Milk Almond Paste Now all I need is the ratio of each.
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    Moving Forward

    We have found partial financing assistance via a fraternity brother who works for a community development bank. Two issues have arisen out of this. 1) Bank only lends up to the amount the local government appraises the property (not the real estate value or business value) because this all tax...
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    Odd Numbers for an Inn

    One Inn we are looking has provided some numbers for us to review. Using the Planning spreadsheet I found here (via a link in the resources) something is not adding correctly. Inn states 627 room nights sold out of 1300 available for a year - 48% (they noted a vacation taken and inn closed)...
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    "New User" Here

    Per suggestion, since there is not a "New User" specific section on the forum........... I am Thundering Wind. DW and I are a military family. I served for 15 years, getting out in 1995 during the Clinton reduction. She was a reservist then but called up for the war and was asked to stay on...
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    On-Line Reservation Systems

    Which on-line reservation system is working best for you and why? Does it send you an e-mail telling you the res was made? Or send a text message? Is it part of your Front Desk Software package? Where do you "keep" track of the money in your accounting system? Do you also keep a separate bank...
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    Website Hosting & Maintenance

    What website hosting service is working best for you and your Inn? I need to look at reducing overhead in a possible purchase of an existing Inn. They currently pay $4000 per year and that includes any updates to all backend software and the website. I want to be able to include on-line...
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    Real-World Financing Options

    I am getting way too many answers to the question of how to finance the purchase of an existing B & B. Owners are now older and want to sell. 4 rooms with private baths and possible to add 4 rooms with shared bath (at lower rate). Minimal marketing (only on State Inn Assoc. website plus their...