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  1. virginia

    Door slammers competition

    This week end there was a two day triathalon event in our area and we had several guests who were competing. Of course they all wanted oatmeal, granola, yogurts, fresh muffins and fruit at 6.15am on both days. The inn was full with others not involved in the event, nevertheless those selfish...
  2. virginia

    Elves, fairies and gnomes at the inn.

    Does any one else get this from guests? Several people who have been to stay here ask us inn-slaves, who it is patently obvious run and do everything, "When do they light the fire?" or "What time do they serve breakfast out on the terrace?" or "Do they have special recipes that come with the...
  3. virginia

    Staying like a Mother-In-Law

    We had a one night stay yesterday. At check out time they were still in their room. At midday they asked if we had a room for a couple more nights (we did not) and we offered a place in the common room to hang out while they looked for other accomdations. When it was time for Hors d'Ouevres at 6...
  4. virginia

    Pooh and the Honey Jar

    On the coffee, tea, counter we have a jar of honey. Next to it is a little saucer and doily with a small spoon on it for the honey. There is a rack of teaspoons for stiring coffee right near the sugar and sweeteners. The honey spoon is constantly picked up, used to stir people's coffee and...
  5. virginia

    Maximizing tips for non-owner inn keepers?

    What ideas do you have for maximizing tips for non-owner inn keepers? Our monthly pay is pretty low. We do a good job and get many compliments from our guests, but they just don't materialize as tips in the envelopes that are subtly placed in the rooms.