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  1. 10Fitch

    Suggestions for handling the customer who is as pissy as the day is long?

    I state in my policies that we are sorry but we cannot accommodate check-ins prior to 3:00. I hang a sign on the front door at 11M which is check-out time, along with a brochure holder that has some suggested things to see and do, including a trifold pamphlet that I made up that says "Grab some...
  2. 10Fitch

    Cancellation Ethics

    Our cancelation policy must be agreed to prior to booking a reservation. If over the phone, we ask "Are you familiar with our cancelation policy?" If they say yes we make note of that on the reservation. If they say no we tell them what the cancellation policy is. If they book online they have...
  3. 10Fitch

    Early Check ins - Again!

    Thanks for the warm welcome :) Now an update. I had a cell # so I called the guests at 3:30 to check on their estimated arrival. I identified who I was and mentioned that I had them down for a 1PM early arrival and was checking in with them to find their estimated arrival time. She says "Oh...
  4. 10Fitch

    Early Check ins - Again!

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and found you by googling "charge for early check in"... one of the posts from this thread that suggested charging $50 for early check ins popped up in the search. I was searching for this information because the last few weeks we've gotten many requests for early...