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    Just stay-over, no breakfast?

    I have heard of places only offering stay overs, but no breakfast, or maybe just a continental breakfast instead. What are your thoughts?
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    During the day ....

    Question about in and outs of a guest. Do you allow your guest(s) to come and go as they wish during the day for whatever reason? Do they have a code to go in and out, or a key. Or do you prefer the guests to be gone the entire day? Especially when nobody is in your b&b because you are out...
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    Would it be a good idea to offer pedicures in a bed and breakfast? It would be done by an esthetician and and they would be using a professional foot product that the guest/client may purchase if they wish. Could this be offered to the 'outside' world too?
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    Possible B&B Home

    The home I was looking at to buy (it's a fair distance), I'm starting to wonder if it's worth the trouble. The real estate rep took a look at it for me, took a tonne of photos for me so I can see the 'real house' since on the ads pictures always just show the good side. On the main floor it's...
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    Rain Shower Bathtub

    Rain Shower Bathtub
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    Found a possible home for a b&b ...

    I'm still on the hunt for the perfect home to make into a b&b. One I've been looking at is an older home that is old fashioned in the decorating. All rooms have wallpaper on them. On the main floor there is the kitchen (with a door to the porch), and a dining room, living room, and a den...
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    I found this site, and thought it was interesting.
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    Adding on to your home

    Has anyone here built an addition to their home? If so, how many rooms, bathrooms and was the cost worth it? I know each area is different, but just to get an idea. Thanks.
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    What are the sizes of your rooms?

    I was wondering how big (in feet) your rooms are? And what size of bed(s) you have in them?
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    When you open a bed and breakfast, is your house insurance increased? If so, what else is increased?
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    How many rooms?

    Does any Bed and Breakfasts only have one room available?
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    Bed and Breakfast Prices

    How does an Inn keeper determine what price to give their rooms?
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    Question about types of breakfast

    Is there a difference between a continental breakfast and a self catered breakfast? They seem to be the same, but is there a difference?
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    I see all sorts of bed and breakfasts that offer 'packages' -- ie: 'girls weekend', 'scrapbooking', 'Spa weekend', etc. etc. Are there limits to what can be done? Are their any rules and regulations that need to be followed? Or just basically, only registered guests are allowed to participate?
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    What style of breakfast does your Inn have?

    What style of breakfast does your Inn have?