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    Need Breakfast Ideas

    Our town scored the amateur disc golf world championships. So I have a house full of disc golfers for the next week. I've never had the whole house full for a whole week with the same people. So I need large breakfast ideas. I have a couple but not a whole weeks worth. We're set up a little...
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    Pic Monkey

    My Sister In Law is helping me market my Inn online. She runs several fan sites for TV shows and is experienced with FB, twitter, etc. She introduced me to an online photo editing site called Pic Monkey. It's free and super easy to use (you don't even have to register). I had some...
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    Talk some sense into me

    I already own one bed and breakfast. I enjoy owning a bed and breakfast. I looove old houses. I have been in love with a particular house since I was a child. Anyone ever see the Casper movie with Christina Ricci? The old mansion they move into is what this house looks like. Growing up it...
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    Radio Marketing

    Have any of you ever done any radio advertising? The station manager for one of our local radio stations has approached me about doing a trade for some radio spots. Obviously ads in our own town wouldn't do anything for us but he suggested putting ads in other towns around times when say state...
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    How long does it take you to flip a room?

    On average how long does it take you per room to get it completly ready for the next guests? I'll explain the reason for my question after I get a few responses. I will say someone doesn't quite understand what I do all day.
  6. M Listing

    I got an email for a free 6 month listing on I did a search in the forum and don't see any mention of this site. The site itself looks pretty well done but they don't have many listings yet. But giving 6 free months should probably help with that. Has anyone else...
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    Dissatisfied guests

    I posted last week about the guests who had 3 rooms on a busy weekend that had a 2 night minimum and they called and canceled one night. I let them do it because I hadn't properly confirmed with her that it was a 2 night minimum weekend. Well they showed up yesterday, left almost immedately to...
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    Cancellation, What would you do?

    We live in a small non-tourist town and most of my guests stay for a single night. I don't typically have a 2 night minimum. We do have an event coming up the second weekend in June that I put a 2 night minimum because of the high demand. I've had a waiting list for months, and now the...
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    Hotel Hell

    I sometimes get sucked into browsing and noticed that Gordon Ramsey's new reality show is Hotel Hell. "After more than a decade of running restaurants in some of the world's top hotels, Gordon Ramsay knows firsthand the crucial importance of surpassing guests' highest expectations...
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    "Fun" Surprises

    We just bought this Inn less than a month ago. Most of the rooms are full with out of state contractors working at a local nuclear plant. We have one open room so DH and I decided to sleep there last Friday night and get to know the quirks of the room. The mattress is awful! It was so firm...
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    Introduction and Question

    Hi All, My husband and I have just bought our first bed & breakfast...well, it was a b&b at one point and we hope to run it that way eventually but for now we're just an Inn and don't serve breakfast. We're in over our heads a little bit, lol, but my husband is experienced with small buisnesses...