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  1. seashanty

    New request. Have you heard this one?

    Side by side stand side by side ask guest to show you could be totally innocent but his phone or whatever might need direction my iPhone pulls up all kinds of networks ... neighbors, stores, before mine ... because my signal is weaker! one place I work ... I have Guest ‘business’ and then a...
  2. seashanty

    Help with purchase negotiations!

    Along with the website, make sure the domain is transferred to you. Sounds like the same thing, but sometimes it's not. Friends bought a place a few years back and the sellers would not give over the domain to them as part of the transfer ... even offered it up for sale to the highest bidder (it...
  3. seashanty

    Looking up

    That’s great beach house, I just sent you an email. I’d like to buy a light blue one and a red one ... masks, that is. 🙂
  4. seashanty

    Dumitru and My New Website!

    Fabulous! What a generous thing to do! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news. Hoping for a successful 2021 and Happy Chinese New Year! Year of the Ox, said to be hardworking and honest.
  5. seashanty

    How do you respond to hagglers?

    This is a game and your rooms at ‘a low price’ are the prize. Just do a search for haggling for lower room rates and you will find forums and blogs with the suggested script. I won’t give the links as I don’t want to publicize them, but many are sub groups from air. Readers are told, if you...
  6. seashanty

    Competing With Myself

    " only a woman " ?
  7. seashanty


    Good luck! Somehow I don’t see that in my post. 😊
  8. seashanty


    I have a few suggestions for you has ads for innkeepers and manager positions, and you can also post that you’re looking for a position If you just google innkeeper jobs, some come up Build up your resume so you’re ready to apply ... saying what you can do and have done ... it’s...
  9. seashanty

    Is the Recipe section still here?

    Here is one I posted here years back, retrieved from the wayback machine I copied it as it was posted here so the format might look a little weird Congo Bars Summary Yield Servings Source Not sure of origin, it's a hand copied recipe - maybe Confidential Chat from the Boston Globe...
  10. seashanty

    Is the Recipe section still here?

    :( How sad that it's 'gone'. Shame on me and lesson learned .... not to rely on an online forum to keep things on file. Like I would think ... oh, I know, that recipe is on Innspiring .... I'll just go there. Some can be retrieved using the internet archive the wayback machine...
  11. seashanty

    Is the Recipe section still here?

    Can’t find recipes. Am I just not seeing it or is the recipe section gone? Thanks
  12. seashanty

    I think I’ve finally learned not to take it personally.

    My French grandmother made pain perdu which we called French toast ... just a way to use stale bread. I don’t know if they serve it in France, but in England we had eggy bread. It wasn’t sweet and had pepper in it. I was surprised ... and they were surprised that I thought there would be maple...
  13. seashanty

    Patience is wearing thin but I didn’t say what I wanted to say, so, so far, so good

    Roxanne, I can't even begin to tell you how angry your post makes me ... block me, please, because I am blocking posts from you. :mad:
  14. seashanty

    Time For A Raise!

    from a marketing course I took. The perception that $19.99 is much less than $20. It's a psychological thing. Works well for me ...
  15. seashanty

    Time For A Raise!

    Oh my! Raise your rates by $10 across the board ... be sure the rates end with an odd number. I think you do this already. Then do what the big places do ... if reservations start to slide, offer ‘specials’. I used to be scared of raising prices, too. You’re worth it.
  16. seashanty

    Patience is wearing thin but I didn’t say what I wanted to say, so, so far, so good

    haha! Good for you. I had a big bully of a male guest challenge me when I blocked the way into a closed area and told him he couldn't come in He said 'what are you going to do to stop me, Mighty Mouse?' I was working alone and had taken this course that taught to make your body take up as much...
  17. seashanty

    Retiring the airpots

    maybe you can play the sound off a recording :);) I had music cd's with ocean surf in the background. I played them because I liked them - windchimes, music and an OCCASIONAL seagull or fog horn. There were no waves in the harbor but many people commented on how great it was to hear the harbor...
  18. seashanty

    Patience is wearing thin but I didn’t say what I wanted to say, so, so far, so good

    You have to be really careful with late checkouts. Had a young woman ask if she could check out at noon instead of 11 as she wanted to go up and see the lighthouse after an early breakfast. By 1 pm she hadn't returned and we were flipping rooms. I took a fews quick pics of her room then scooped...
  19. seashanty

    Didn’t I see you with someone else yesterday?

    And who was the other guy? Just wondering.
  20. seashanty

    I am clueless - guest mentions they are on KETO diet

    I’m on KETO .... It’s low carb, moderate protein, high healthy fat like avocado. Eggs meats and cheeses are great. I NEVER expect someone or someplace to cater to my diet and I don't mention it. Some big places have keto options on their menus, looks like you have a menu? Mostly, I just eat what...