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  1. Anon Inn

    Should Go Private?

    If this forum (when it was on About, I think) had not been easily findable and joinable, I would have made SO many mistakes that were avoided by reading here. I first joined before we opened. Now 13 years in, I would like to see it help others in the same way.
  2. Anon Inn

    Current BnB Occupancy and Rates Across North America?

    Agreed. My Canadian cousins aren't visiting this year. I'm not visiting them. We visit on FB these days.
  3. Anon Inn

    Am I Becoming Extinct?

    My state does this too, so glad, but I have one STR in a neighboring state where I have to collect city and county tax. Big pain. My 'cleaning fee' on Air is the amount of tax. I make this plain in my description.
  4. Anon Inn

    Current BnB Occupancy and Rates Across North America?

    The small, out of the way aspect is what draws most here right now. Those who track case counts in our state feel safer coming to an area with a very low count. Our population is rural and distanced. Only one small town. People have, for the most part, playing by the rules and being...
  5. Anon Inn

    Current BnB Occupancy and Rates Across North America?

    As booking dates near for 'the regulars', they mostly cancel, but at this time of year, people are booking 1 to 2 days from stay. Some ask for same day, once in a blue I accept, but never those who phone, text or email late.
  6. Anon Inn

    I guess I'll take a bribe...

    Good luck.
  7. Anon Inn

    Just stay-over, no breakfast?

    I have a restaurant license and can serve those not staying here. It does depend on local regs.
  8. Anon Inn

    Inn Happiness - Innkeeping Isn't ALL Problems!

    Its a funny year that way. Two Franklins early this year as a tip, a Grant last week. People are expressing appreciation for as much personal service as you can give them like no other year since we started. I'm thanking them too, as each party leaves, in appreciation for their business. Its...
  9. Anon Inn

    Repeat guests

    I did raise, but don't think it has affected occupancy beyond the COVID. Most of my regulars for the year have canceled. The guests coming now are just glad to find someplace relatively small that is open. I project a quarter of normal occupancy. That will be enough to keep up with the...
  10. Anon Inn

    Repeat guests

    I did raise prices a bit this year. No complaints.
  11. Anon Inn

    Definitive answer to the age old question, buffet or plated?

    I plate. Always have. Chef's choice. I do ask for every booking in advance about food allergies, restrictions or preferences. Then I honor them. They don't know what breakfast will be until its set before them. I can't remember anyone in many years expressing disappointment. I alternate...
  12. Anon Inn

    Reservation request for tonight

    Yes, chair backs have always had my attention. I'm one of those people who notice (with an inward 'yuck') the finger marks on restaurant chairs where they are pulled out.
  13. Anon Inn

    Prayers for Dear Friend

    Thanks, just saw this and prayers are added to the mix.
  14. Anon Inn


    Hugs. So sorry for the loss of your friend.
  15. Anon Inn


    I loved The Pillars of the Earth. I'll look for World Without End when the library re-opens. Thanks for the recommendation!
  16. Anon Inn

    Great news for us and for our guests

    <grin> At the beginning of all this our health department emailed all the local inns, saying continue what you are doing. What you are already doing is what is now recommended for everyone. I'm getting used to a more bleachy smell at the Post Office when I go to get my mail!
  17. Anon Inn

    Great news for us and for our guests

    In my area, occupancy is permitted at 100%, although few are actually at that level. In the neighboring state county nearest here, hotels are limited, but STRs are allowed at 100%. Rules vary so much state to state and county to county!
  18. Anon Inn

    Great news for us and for our guests

    Hugs. I'm in the too slow process of clearing out no-longer-needed things. DH's boat was sold today. Bittersweet, but a family with kids (who enthusiastically were climbing all over it) drove it away on its trailer. Onward.
  19. Anon Inn

    Great news for us and for our guests

    Yes, this news is a relief. I was so glad to see my favorite cleaning product back in stock at Costco. I was dreading running out.
  20. Anon Inn

    Funny story......or not.....

    Full up today. All leaving tomorrow. 2 breakfasts tomorrow, one at 7a, one at 9a, so separation easy. Easing back into the swing.