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  1. gillumhouse

    PMS- EVIIVO software

    I use ReservationKey, love it, and will not have ANYTHING to do with any OTA
  2. gillumhouse

    Should Go Private?

    I am on it too - I believe thanks to you - and I agree about the out of the way to avoid.
  3. gillumhouse

    I've been raised from the dead...

    Congrats and sorry and congrats. I have been flying solo since March 2017 when Himself decide NOT to be picked up at the hospital the next day on my way home - I was settling my brother's estate - as was the usual drill when I went out of town. All is well. WOW for the number of elopements &...
  4. gillumhouse

    Should Go Private?

    Everyone knows what a cheapskate i am. Supporting this is worth the annual donation. Cheaper than a cover charge at a nightclub and it lasts longer.
  5. gillumhouse

    New Innkeepers - Thank You!

    It is our pleasure to help newbies. Newbies is what keeps the industry alive. So happy you found us - it is a testament to what was said yesterday about keeping this a OPEN place. There are GOOD folkswhoNEED to find us (we get rid of scammers quickly).
  6. gillumhouse

    Should Go Private?

    Over the yeas some exceptionally nice people have found us here. THIS is how I got involved with the group in the UK-Cambs told us about it and I joined - it is closed and verified. When it ain't broke, don't fix it. It has worked this way for a long time..Innkeepers come and innkeepers go. It...
  7. gillumhouse

    Recipes needed containing no dairy

    If a recipe calls for milk, just substitute water. Works with my baked oatmeal (and I vegan it with 2 Tablespoons of water for the egg)
  8. gillumhouse

    Current BnB Occupancy and Rates Across North America?

    Planning is not hard. I plan & then I block. I am City Clerk in my City (VERY SMALL stipend) and used my house as a polling place so the City did not have to pay for a polling place. I blocked my online reservations for three nights but ended up with a booking the next day - funeral that called...
  9. gillumhouse

    Current BnB Occupancy and Rates Across North America?

    I have been fortunate enough to have enough bookings each month since April to pay the bills. I do not get cancellations because it is rare to have a rez far in advance. I DO have one in October for an anniversary and in November for my B & Bs For Vets offering (still have one room available for...
  10. gillumhouse

    Current BnB Occupancy and Rates Across North America?

    With occupancy rates of 80% or more, I would suggest raising rates by a minimum of $5 to $10 per night.
  11. gillumhouse

    How to not see ads when logged in!

    That may be the answer. I only got your screen in the beginning. I opted to pay because I want this Forum to continue (would have paid Swirt directly but he would not accept donations). AFTER I paid, I got the disable ads option.
  12. gillumhouse

    Anyone on HotelTonight?

    Years ago, before I found B & Bs (had too many kids) I WAS that traveler. we never knew where we were going to be when it was time to stop for the night. Only once did we have to sleep in the car (HE would not stop when I suggested it and summer near Fort Ticonderoga? Not a chance). Once said no...
  13. gillumhouse

    Where do I start?

    Tried - bad e-mail address per the system. Will reply to an e-mail sent to me. Messaged my e-mail
  14. gillumhouse

    Where do I start?

    I cannot attach a file here. Message me and I will e-mail it to you. I saved it in my system.
  15. gillumhouse

    Blast From the Past!

    Thank you, for him it was good.That is a photo from our 2013 Road Trip at the stop at Hillbilly's Joey Bloggs, Ice, Innkeep, & I had a blast
  16. gillumhouse

    Am I Becoming Extinct?

    Have had enough to go pay my real estate taxes for the year with enough on the books to pay the bills next month so I am doing OK. Stop in if you are coming this way. Call to be sure I am home - am involved in a lot of crap so not always in.
  17. gillumhouse

    New Start, New Location: Award-winning B&B in the UK

    I am on the Committee. It is a good group. Welcome to Innspiring.
  18. gillumhouse

    Just stay-over, no breakfast?

    Depends on the State AND/OR the B & B had a restaurant license.
  19. gillumhouse

    Old posts from 12+ years

    TA never takeks anything down. My friend told me she closed 8 years ago, did not look today, but last year they were still up on TA even after I personally did 2 posts stating they were closed (as they did when they closed).
  20. gillumhouse

    Am I Becoming Extinct?

    I am the ONLY B & B in my County.The others closed and of the 3 that were in the County to the north 1 closed many years ago (retirement) and 1 just made the final decision to close (had been thinking about it for a couple years and the virus cemented the decision - hubs is a retired miner)...