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    How to antagonize Guests in 5 minutes flat

    Which is one reason that the local organizations here are pushing to call the cops of fake ones and get them fined. And the documentation here is regulated as well... only certified training organization papers are acceptable. You can't use those "Internet" papers that anyone can create.
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    Packaged soaps or liquids?

    We used to offer the little plastic water bottles in the rooms. They cost us 10c a piece, so they were quite profitable and in cash, we sold them 2 for $1. But chasing down all those bottles was nuts. They filled the recycling bins. We had to crush them to save space. We had to pull them out of...
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    Last breakfast is in the books!

    Congrats. And deciding where you want to do it :)
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    Who opened the flood gates??

    Our software has a choice to hide or not hide the code, so we don't have it hidden. But instead of entering the dates we have it as the departure date. So: 28 June 2021 Name Didn't see the reason to have both dates, since we needed to know when we can delete them.
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    Packaged soaps or liquids?

    Interesting as our government encouraged them for ecological reasons. I don't see why they would be perceived. We do clean them between guests, to remove touch. We had to go to individual honey, jam, etc. which is killing me, since of course, it means that guests can't have our local honey, our...
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    How to antagonize Guests in 5 minutes flat

    Here all dogs who are trained to provide a service have papers from the certified trainer and I have a right to see those papers. But nothing other than the certified trainer's documents are acceptable. And those are the only animals that I have to accept. And there are fines for faking the...
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    Vaccinated Guest or Non-Vaccinated Guests?

    Most people around here have only had 1 shot. The mask is to protect others. I will continue to wear my mask to make others feel at ease. We are following protocols from the provincial government and still have air filters in the room as well. So far, the guests are usually telling me in email...
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    I already don’t like them but I have to be nice. Advice?

    What's the fun in that?
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    Who opened the flood gates??

    OMG... now 3 reservations on the books. Okay, one is from another country and the border isn't open, but it's a few months from now anyway.
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    Packaged soaps or liquids?

    Liquids from dispensers. And I only buy liquids that are clear, even if coloured. Unscented if possible, otherwise almond, so everyone can think it's cyanide :)
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    Who opened the flood gates??

    Hey... I have my first reservation for this year in August.
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    Need some creative thinking.

    What's offer cake? How about baked blueberry french toast?
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    Where do YOU eat?

    Which leads me to ask, do you have squirrel? Because you can't have moose without squirrel!
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    The Scream you just heard, was ME!!

    Maple syrup comes in cans! Only suckers buy in bottles or plastic :)
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    The Scream you just heard, was ME!!

    We handle that as vegetarian. To avoid worrying about mixing meat and milk. When we have had guests ask for kosher, we buy prepackaged and use paper plates and plastic cutlery. Packaged yogurt, etc. Nothing that I would have to manipulate. I want them to open the sealed package, so they know...
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    Need a garnish for baked oatmeal

    Torani sauce. Not syrup, sauce. It comes in caramel, dark chocolate and white chocolate in a bottle with a top. (There are other flavours, but those are the 3 available here). and you can draw a ribbon over the baked...
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    Where do YOU eat?

    Before we had a private space, we ate in the public space. Never have they asked to join. They have made a few jokes about it. Asked what we cooked. Remarked about how good it smelled. But we have had our own apartment for the last few years.
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    Therapy, Hobby, or Just Plain Mean

    You can add in the obligatory "Did you fill in your travel insurance claim form?" when they complain about not being able to get their money back when cancelling.
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    10 Nights From Germany. Yeah, Right!

    When is this for? Did you check that the card number traces back to Germany?
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    Newbie Question: Why would they stay at $175-$200 a night inn when they can stay in entire AirBNB apartment for $110 a night?

    My kitchen was the butler's pantry. I have maybe 2m of counterspace for working and I put things up on the breakfast bar as extra space. Everything is doable... you just have to get used to working in a small space. But the coffeemaker, hot water, etc are all in the dining room. That's a...